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May 17, 2010
Lawson Mo
Howdy all and Merry Christmas.  My smoker has been lonely since I started my new job back in Sept but Wed is looking promising for a pork loin roast !!! I gotta pick up a new therm as I left mine outside and fried it in the rain..ooops! 

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend with family friends food and your choice of refreshing drinks!  Be safe and have fun.

Welcome back been wondering where the heck you went
as much as I love 2nd shift ( 3-11 ) I just havent been able to make my free time work for me LOL  I may be starting a swing shift where I have 24 hours off from one shift to the next, maybe I can get some smoke time in.  while I've been out cutting wood I have ran across a good amount of oak !!! I'll save back some for my if I could find some more hickory ( what I had got turned into firewood due to its old age and some funky fungus growing on it ). I have 2 mulberry trees to cut still and I hear that works well on the smoker too.  My 5 gallon bucket of apple should be about ready to run in the smoker as well. 

I've really missed firing up and getting creative, I'm so in need of a good fattie!  But first I want to do a smoked chili..hmmm that could be a good throw down !!! 

In the near future I hope to revisit the homemade pickled sausage experiment I started last summer, This coming summer I'll be tending some hot peppers and get back to making my own homade hot sauce ( man I am so over due for a hab hot sauce ).  Other things still to come is summer sausage, and a UDS electric model for lower temp smokes !!! 

For now..its surviving the winter and staying warm LOL. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Well Rick it good to see that you can make time to smoke something. Now all you have to do is try alot harder to smoke more often.
Glad to see ya back Rick,

Working the funky hours sucks but at least your working. Thats a good thing.

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