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    We had a pizza bake-off this weekend between my immediate family consisting of me and my wifee, our adult children and their spouses.  My entry came in 2nd place (although I should have been first!). Let's just say my daughter who won first place, and with a vegetarian pizza, won't be getting any grad school spending money from me! Lol! [​IMG]

    My entry started off as as beautiful rack of beef ribs. I had a bone left over, so I chopped it up an used it for the pizza. It was indeed delicious, so here are the pics!

    This is the finished rack. It was fall-apart tended. I wrapped it in butcher paper instead of foil for the second half of the cook...

    This is a rib bone, I was very happy with the results on this.

    I had a bone left over, so I chopped it up, coated with olive oil, and sprinkled with spices!

    This is the pizza cooking on my Aussie grill...

    The finished product ready for presentation to the judges...

    These were taken and hidden for lunches! [​IMG]

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    Looks tasty!!

    We've done one similar using left over pulled Chuck. Instead of pizza sauce we used BBQ sauce, yumm!
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    Wow - looks awesome!

    I've been researching brick oven pizza plans lately for the back yard.  Thinking it will either be a fall project this year or early spring project next year.  As much as I love pizza, adding smoked meat to a pizza and cooking it in a wood fired oven outside may become a family ritual.
  4. Oh Man!!!!! I'm late to the party on this one, but that looks AWESOME!!!!
    Never been so hungry for pizza at 8:00 in the morning!!!! Great Job!!!

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