Beef Country Style Ribs

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  1. I'm gonna be doing up some of these beef country style ribs wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how long to smoke and what not? Thanks
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    these ribs are mostly cuts from chuck roast,and to be real tender,I would smoke to an internal of 203 degrees ..night before you could marinate with 2 cups apple juice, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, and 1/4 cup soy sauce ,,, throw em all in a bag overnight, in fridge, put some your favorite rub or salt pepper, garlic and onion powders,, smoke em at 225 degrees , what I do is, skewer em up up,cook em like a rake of ribs, then wrap em up to the finish temperature after about the 165 or 170 mark ,, here is some pork ones I smoked
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    You can use some garlic smashed and some spicy stuff on those in a bag overnight. Maybe lemon or orange juice with olive oil as liquid. But those are boneless usually. I don't know why they say ribs. It's Chuck meat cut to strips. Lol . You could just do a rub and put some bbq sauce on last hour.. Put them in a pan to finish the last couple hours would be good.. sauce them in that.
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     Wife saves drippings from a ham ,,, like from Thanksgiving  or Easter,,, ( we usually have a ham like 4 times a year )  and she pulls it out the freezer and adds it to her pot roasts ,,, something her mom taught her like 35 years ago ...when she makes it like that ,,, it is full of flavor ...
  5. Nice thanks guys I'll give those a try sometime. I actually saw they got put in the freezer, so a little disappointed but I'll love to smoke another day my brothers

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