Bearcarver's snack sticks, modified

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Dec 4, 2013
I started with 4# ground venison and 3/4 beef fat from brisket trimmings, which was probably the wrong fat to use, but I did. Used Bearcarver's recipe except I increased the red pepper to 1/2 Tblsp and added 1/2 Tblsp of Chipolte Tabasco.
Used a jerky shooter to make the sticks, placed on frog mats and into the Cookshack PG1000 at 170°
2.5 hours later, into the fridge to cool for a couple hours and we have sticks!
I think next time I'll increase the red pepper and Tabasco to get even more heat, but they were quite tasty!

Thanks @Bearcarver!
Gomez, morning .... The sticks look good..... I have used that method and it works very well....

One thing I have done different in the last few tries is.... I grind the almost frozen fat through the fine plate on the grinder and then mixed the ground fat in with the chunked meat and ground it all again through the final plate of choice.... I find the fine grind on the fat then a coarser grind on the meat distributes the fat for a smoother taste.... That's my preference and yours could be different... Just saying....

Thanks Dave.
I did grind the fat through the finest plate I have but the venison was already ground so I didn't run it through again. I'm hoping Santa will bring me a meat mixer for Christmas ;)
I read on another forum that brisket fat just doesn't work well, so I may use pork fat next time. But there for sure will be a next time!
Looks Great Gomez!!!

Those sticks were a little mild on heat. I corrected that on my "Smoked Bear Loaf". Check that out---you'll probably like it more.

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