Bear’s 53rd Wedding Anniversary Dinner (Our Best Steak Ever)

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Happy Anniversary Bear - glad you treated yourself to a prime cut. Nice to do every once in a while!
Happy anniversary to you two. The steak looks killer! The more I see you using that ninja the more I'm tempted to buy one. Bad influence. I have too many gadgets already. Lol.
Happy early Anniversary John and Linda!! That meal is perfection. Cooked perfectly. Glad you got to try a Prime cut. I finally had one 2 years ago, they had it on sale at Sam's for the same as Choice is at Kroger. I'd never believed that the taste difference would have been that much, boy was I wrong, lol. It's a huge difference, and I was very impressed. Love those grill marks too. Great work.
Congrats to you.
We don't eat steak often and wifey won't eat any aged beef. We compromised on fresh prime.

You have tested that Ninja Griddle

We both agreed that this was easily the Best Steak we ever had, at Home, or away.
It was nice and Pink inside, and even had Tasty Charred areas on the outside.
It actually had charred Grilled flavor, & I have No Idea how it does that.

Cooking surface very similar to a Lodge grill / griddle with the grill side side up on the Outdoor Cooker (now Camp Chef) stove.
Only difference is you don't have to walk outside to check the progress
Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs. Bear! That steak look fantastic. That prime meat can be so juicy and tender for sure.
Happy Anniversary to the both of you. That steak turned out really nice. As for prime, I get Porterhouse, Ribeye and NY Strip from Costco from time to time. Expensive but worth it. Maybe once or twice per month. Again, happy anniversary and best wishes to you both for a long happy life.
Congratulations on your anniversary, Bear. Hope you and the Mrs. have many more.
In today's society where people consider a marriage as something that's disposable, something they use until they're ready for something else, something to run away from when the going gets tough, 53 years is amazing.

CONGRATS and Happy Anniversary!!
Congrats Bear for both your anniversary and that yummy looking steak.

Thank You Craig!!


Happy anniversary to the mrs and yourself bear, looks like ya celebrated it right with that meal, looks great.

Thank You Jim!!
Yup--We enjoyed this one a lot !!
And Thanks for the Like.

Happy anniversary to you John and Mrs. Bear, and such a delicious looking steak for your special day.

The ribeye might have been expensive, but getting two meals out of it for that price is much cheaper than going out.
Happy Anniversary, Bear!! That't quite an achievement for Mrs. Bear to put up with you for this long :emoji_laughing: I tell my wife the same thing after nearly 28 years LOL.

I second the motion for you to write a book on successful marriages.. sounds like you have some secrets you could share.

Great looking food by the way!
Happy Anniversary John to you and Mrs. Bear. Steak does look good.

Point for sure

Thank You Chris!!
And Thanks for the Like.


Beautiful looking dinner, and congratulations!

53 years. Wow. You might need to start a Bear’s Step by Step series on successful marriages!

Thank You OS !!
Step #1. Spend most of your first year of marriage in a Combat Zone.
Makes You Appreciate each other more.
And Thanks for the Like.

Congrats and great post as usual.

Thank You Big W !!
And Thanks for the Like.

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