Bear’s 53rd Wedding Anniversary Dinner (Our Best Steak Ever)

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Nice steak and congrats on the anniversary! :D

Thank You Tall !!
Appreciate that!


Holy smokes ! Now that looks fantastic . I missed that char on the steaks I did yesterday .
Great meal .
Congrats on the anniversary .

Thank You Rich!!
Yup, this Ninja even surprised Me on this one!!
And Thanks for the Like.

Bear’s 53rd Wedding Anniversary Dinner (Our Best Steak Ever)

I know this is hard to believe, but the Steak we had here was the Best Steak we’ve ever had, home or away, and it was made on an Indoor Grill.

First of all, this was the first “Prime” piece of any meat I ever bought.
The regular price of Ribeye at the time was $14.99 for “Choice”.
So I figured, if I’m going to pay $14.99 for Choice, I might as well pay $6 more for Prime.
So I paid $20.99 for this one Ribeye Steak, for Our 53rd Anniversary Dinner.

I Smoked a Prime Rib for each of most of the last 12 Wedding Anniversaries, but since I can no longer Smoke one, I decided to give my “Ninja XL Smart Grill” the chance to show it’s “Stuff”.
So $20.99 per pound may seem like a lot of money for a Steak, but this 1.31 lb Ribeye cost me $27.50, and splitting it like We always do filled us both up on the Best Steak Ever!

So this time I’m going to use the “Smart Probe”, and let the Ninja do the thinking for me.
The first thing I did was Marinate the Steak in some Teriyaki Sauce for about 4 hours in the Fridge.
Then I turned on the Ninja, and selected “Grill”, which will default the ninja temp to “HI” 500°.
Then I selected “Preset” which will cause the Unit to Default to “Beef”.
Then I chose “6” for the amount of Doneness I want, from the list of 1 to 9 settings.
Choosing “6” caused the “Target Temp” of 126° to go up on the left, on the screen.
That’s it—The Settings are complete.

The first thing that happens is the Pre-heat, which takes about 5 to 8 minutes.
Then the Ninja reads “ADD FOOD” on the screen, so I did that.
Now the Count-down begins—Mine started at 45° from that point, and kept going Slowly for awhile.
Then it went faster & faster, once the Cold center started warming up.
Then when the Internal Temp hit about 86°, the screen read “FLIP FOOD”, so I did that.
Then when the target Temp of 126° was reached by the Internal Temp, the Unit Beeped to let me know it’s time to “Rest” the Meat.
So I left the Smart Probe in & removed the Steak & put it on a plate to “Rest”.
The Ninja immediately started a 5 minute Count for the rest that is called for.
At the end of those 5 minutes, I cut the Ribeye into 2 pieces—One for Me & a smaller one for Mrs Bear.

We both agreed that this was easily the Best Steak we ever had, at Home, or away.
It was nice and Pink inside, and even had Tasty Charred areas on the outside.
It actually had charred Grilled flavor, & I have No Idea how it does that.

If the prices get back down, or Choice goes on sale, I’ll go back to Choice, but if the prices stay the way they are, I will be getting more “Prime Ribeyes” for “Dinners at the Den”.

Mrs Bear Made us some Broccoli & Baked Taters to go with our Steak.

BTW: I forgot to mention, as usual this Dinner is 2 weeks early for our Wedding Anniversary, because we have just too many Holiday Dinners, between Dec 24th and Jan 3rd.

Thanks for stopping by,


Prime Beef Ribeye----First one We've ever bought:
View attachment 518945

$27.50 = Dinner for 2:
View attachment 518946

Just put on grill---Still has Teriyaki on top side. Also Smart Probe Inserted:
View attachment 518947

First Flip at 86° Internal Temp:
View attachment 518949

Plated for 5 minute Rest @ 126° Internal Temp:
View attachment 518950

Perfect for Me & Mrs Bear:
View attachment 518951

Bear's First Helping:
View attachment 518952
That's one great looking chunk of beef. Congratulation on your longevity. In little less than a month, we'll hit 45 years.
Happy anniversary. Great looking steak. We treat ourselves to prime beef every once in awhile, I'm glad your steak came out so good!!

Thank You Thirdeye!


Congrats on your anniversary. And a great looking meal. Heck a steak dinner for two at less than $15 a piece! Cant beat that. And probably better than what you would have gotten at a restaurant.

Thank You Jim!!
Definitely better than a Restaurant Steak!!


53 years, John. WOW!! Your Miss Linda is a very special lady--hanging with you that long. :emoji_laughing: Congrats to both of you.
Your anniversary dinner looks GREAT.

Thank You Gary!!
And Thanks for the Like.

Congrats on Anniversary!! So great to see two people stay together like that. I 60 and still waiting. Meal looks killer. I have a Ribeye out and you inspired me to put in Teriyaki sauce.

Thank You Brian!!
I love Teriyaki!!
And Thanks for the Like.


Beautiful job on that slab of beef John, looks perfect to my eye! Congrats to you and Mrs Bear, Happy Anniversary! RAY

Thank You Ray!!
And Thanks for the Like.

Perfect as usual Bear! Happy Anniversary to you and your bride. Must be a PA thing, as my parents are still going strong and going on 67 years together in Pike Cty.

Thank You cliffs!!
My Grandparents were married 60 years, My Parents 50 years, before Mom Died.
My Brother Jim was married 50 years before he died last year of Covid.
My Sister is now married 56 years, and we are almost 53 years.
Dying seems to be the only thing that stops us.
And Thanks for the Like.


Congrats and a great looking meal.

Thank You OFG !!
Appreciate that!


Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Bear...

Thank You Dave!!
And Thanks for the Like.

Happy Anniversary, Bear!! That't quite an achievement for Mrs. Bear to put up with you for this long :emoji_laughing: I tell my wife the same thing after nearly 28 years LOL.

I second the motion for you to write a book on successful marriages.. sounds like you have some secrets you could share.

Great looking food by the way!

Thank You Jeff!!
Appreciate that !!
I think we just got a special start:
I Met her in October, Got married on December 27th, while on Christmas leave from the Army. Then went back to GA to finish my AIT. I landed in Vietnam a few weeks later.
That first Year made us appreciate each other more than most newlyweds!!!
I got 231 letters from My wife in 214 days. (Hand written)

Happy Anniversary Bear - glad you treated yourself to a prime cut. Nice to do every once in a while!

Thank You mc !!
Appreciate that!


Happy anniversary to you two. The steak looks killer! The more I see you using that ninja the more I'm tempted to buy one. Bad influence. I have too many gadgets already. Lol.

Thank You dude!!
When I got this Ninja, I was able to retire 3 other toys.
You'd never be sorry you did it.


Happy early Anniversary John and Linda!! That meal is perfection. Cooked perfectly. Glad you got to try a Prime cut. I finally had one 2 years ago, they had it on sale at Sam's for the same as Choice is at Kroger. I'd never believed that the taste difference would have been that much, boy was I wrong, lol. It's a huge difference, and I was very impressed. Love those grill marks too. Great work.

Thank You Mike!!
We'll be doing it again---Just not real often.
And Thanks for the Like.

Happy Anniversary to the both of you. That steak turned out really nice. As for prime, I get Porterhouse, Ribeye and NY Strip from Costco from time to time. Expensive but worth it. Maybe once or twice per month. Again, happy anniversary and best wishes to you both for a long happy life.

Thank You Sarge!!
Appreciate That !!!


Congrats to you.
We don't eat steak often and wifey won't eat any aged beef. We compromised on fresh prime.

You have tested that Ninja Griddle

Cooking surface very similar to a Lodge grill / griddle with the grill side side up on the Outdoor Cooker (now Camp Chef) stove.
Only difference is you don't have to walk outside to check the progress

Thank You FA !!
Good Compromise!
And Thanks for the Like.


Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs. Bear! That steak look fantastic. That prime meat can be so juicy and tender for sure.

Thank You Jeff !!
Yup, this one was Awesome!!
And Thanks for the Like.

Congratulations on your anniversary, Bear. Hope you and the Mrs. have many more.

Thanks Colin!!
Appreciate that !


Congrats John to you and to Mrs. Bear.
Hope you had a great day.
You sure had a great meal


Thank You David!!
Very kind of you!


In today's society where people consider a marriage as something that's disposable, something they use until they're ready for something else, something to run away from when the going gets tough, 53 years is amazing.

CONGRATS and Happy Anniversary!!

Thank You Much, Charles!!
And Thanks for the Like.

Congrats to Mrs. Bear and yourself Bear on 53, that is impressive! That is a real nice meal there, steak is perfectly cooked!
Happy anniversary to you John and Mrs. Bear, and such a delicious looking steak for your special day.

The ribeye might have been expensive, but getting two meals out of it for that price is much cheaper than going out.

Thank You Joe!!
Exactly---We'll be doing it again!
It's a lot safer eating at home too---Haven't been to a restaurant in over 2 years.


Congratulations on your 53rd Wedding Anniversary!
May you two see 60 years together.

Nice hunk of meat, looks delicious.

Thank You John!!
And Thanks for the Good Wishes & the Like.

Happy anniversary Bear to you and Mrs. Bear. Great looking meal for the occasion. Wishing you many more happy years together.


Thank You Rob!!!
And Thanks for the Like.


Congratulations, Bear!!! That is one fine looking steak and dinner for your anniversary!

Thank You CR !!
And Thanks for the Like.

Beautiful looking steak and meal! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!
To put another've been married for about 4 years longer than I've been alive!

That's one great looking chunk of beef. Congratulation on your longevity. In little less than a month, we'll hit 45 years.

Thank You Martin!!
You're doing Great---Keep it going!!
And Thanks for the Like.

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