"BBQ University"

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Original poster
Jul 31, 2007
So I'm watching tv and see "BBQ University" on and he is making ribs (can't remember the guy's name). He puts rub on them, throws them on the smoker for 3 hours (225), takes them off, slabs butter on them, throws on some brown sugar, and then apple cider on them, wraps them back in foil, and throws them on for another hour. Obviously, the butter and extra brown sugar (not rubbed in, just thrown on) before the foil was something I haven't seen on here. Anybody ever done that and what would it do?
we do what we call 3-2-1- for pork ribs here,2-2-1 for beef. 3 hours on-2 hrs wrapped - i just spritz heavy w/ apple/cran/evoo/& a dash of lemon juice w/ a splash of good medium dark beer when wrapping, then back on the grill for another hour. i've seen that show a few times & personally i wouldn't highly recommend the guy's methods... i'd go w/ what i learn here, and i've been smoking & cooking professionally for 25 some odd years- i always learn something new here.
Yes, I've seen it before. OLN had a short BBQ competition with some pros and amateurs competing head to head to head (3 teams each episode). They used injections, which most of the judges noticed and disliked. One of the pros used lots of butter after the meat was done. They foiled the meat after. Once the others noticed, everyone copied the butter thing. The judges had mixed opinions.

Hmm, I'll have to dig that tape out as well, except I missed the final episode.
Never done ribs that way before. I'm with Gypsy with the 3-2-1 method... it is almost fool-proof and the ribs turn out fantastic.
Guys name is Steve Raichlen. Has several bbq cookbooks out and does his tv show. In addition, you can pay around
$2300 and go to his "BBQ University" for 4 - 5 days and learn how to grill and smoke.

It's free here!
I think the original question was whether anyone here has ever heard of the butter and brown sugar method in the foil...I think most people here just do an apple juice type concoction. I curious though how that butter would flavor the ribs, the brown sugar I think would put a nice caramelized glaze once taken out of the foil...got me thinking about the butter.
Not only did he put the butter on, but it was quite a bit. To me, it looked like he threw about 6-7 1-2 TBL chunks on the rack. Then the brown sugar and apple cider. The ribs came out looking rather juicy and did look good. His rub was equal parts of:

brown sugar

I prefer Jeff's rub, but the butter and extra brown sugar during the foil did get me thinking as well.
Sounds like he uses butter like we use bacon. I use butter on steaks sometimes but ribs have plenty of fat already.

Brown sugar at least the course stuff I sprinkle on lot of things. So far I think I liked it best on the bananas and pig candy, but i'm not big on sweet.
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