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Bbq Guru on Lang Smokers


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Hello to all. I've been reading up on the Bbq Guru and want to know if any Lang owners use them. What's the verdict with the Guru? Does it help cut down wood consumption? What about using with a charcoal basket? How long can it go without refuelling? I'm afraid the food will taste different using charcoal or lump combined with wood chunks vs. straight wood. I LOVE cooking with hickory, oak, and cherry but sometimes getting away for a few hours would be nice! I'm definitely interested in getting started in the early a.m and falling back to sleep for a few more hours. Please post pics so I can see how it attaches to the firebox.


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I'm not familiar with the BBQ guru but I did buy a Fireboard thermometer a few months ago. They have an option for a fan but I didn't add it. It does have alerts, etc that you can get via text, app, etc.


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You asked so here is my personal opinion some people will agree and some will not. I have seen more than one person use a guru and all of them have done the same thing. They load up the firebox with every piece of wood they can fit in it and walk away to do whatever. The guru is expected to run everything and it does and at times you have white smoke pouring out of it other times you have nice thin blue smoke. Usually the billowing white smoke is shortly after they put all that wood in it and every time they pack all they can into the firebox.
I own a Lang 84 and have had it quite awhile but it is not the only smoker I own. Again in my opinion it produces the best q but if I don't have time to tend it every 30-40 minutes I will use a different smoker that doesn't need attention as often. So I would say use the money you'd spend on a guru and buy another smoker that is pretty much set and forget for when you can't or don't want to tend the Lang.


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Thanks for the input. I have a 22in. WSM that I've used for several years that puts out some good bbq, but nothing compares to the Lang. I've spoiled myself! I'm sure I'll be taking the Weber for a ride this baseball season. Got a kid that plays 12u travel ball and it makes it difficult squeezing a brisket or shoulder around his schedule.


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Piney is spot on with his advice.
If your looking looking for something to get some sleep or leave your smoker unwatched there is probably better options out there.
I have a Lang 84D once it gets settled in, my smoking range stays within 10 degrees of my target temp. But I am adding a split or 2 every 35 mins.


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I agree with the above.
I use a Guru on my WSM & it will run for 20+ hours without adding any charcoal or wood.
I put a Guru port in my Lang & found using the Guru with the Lang is a lost cause.
I can control the Lang with the dampers better than the Guru.
And like Piney says, when the Guru overshoots the temp it completely shuts down & you get a ton of thick white smoke.
Also you still have to put a split in every 45 minutes to an hour, so what is the point.
If I'm doing an all nighter, I will use my WSM. Otherwise I use the Lang, and drink a few beers while tending the fire!


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I feel it is a sin to put a device like a guru on a Lang or any other stick burner. Making sure the pit is running well is a part of the fun.


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I agree. Got The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower as a gift and haven't seen a big difference between fire management and fuel consumption. I cook on a Lang 48 and I'm able to regulate temps just fine without it. I've only tried the blower 2 times thus far. I was really hoping to burn less wood but the difference has been minimal. Definitely not a $300 difference!! I'll work with it a few more times before I make a final judgement.


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Old thread that caught my interest:

I use a FireBoard and an old school DigiQ on my stick burners but not with blowers. I only use the pit and food temperature reporting as a convenience when burning wood.

As you know, with stick burners you need to not let a fire smoulder. You need a flame to keep the good smoke coming. A blower control for combustion air will get you into bad smoke pretty quick.

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