BB Rib Prices

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Nov 18, 2010
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has anyone noticed a influx in baby back rub prices over the last year?  i usually get my ribs at BJ Wholesale (similar to a costco or sam's club).  It comes in a cryo sealed pack with 3 racks in it.  lately it seems they are selling for $24-$26 a pack....i used to pay around $13 for the lot. 

has the price doubled?
Pork prices seem to be on the rise. I went to Costco last week and the pork price jumped 40cents per lb in 2 weeks.
I've seen this as well.  I saw BB's at Winn Dixie the other day for $12-$14 PER RACK

Now more than ever you have to shop smart and stock up when you find a deal
Ah yes, must be BBQ season coming up.  You have noticed that the fuel prices have gone up as well, haven't you?  They're blaming the increased costs (pick any product, doesn't matter) on the improving economy (don't tell that to the hundred's of thousands that are unemployed greater than 6 months). 
I've seen this as well.  I saw BB's at Winn Dixie the other day for $12-$14 PER RACK

Now more than ever you have to shop smart and stock up when you find a deal

I never buy ribs, butts, or briskets from publix, winn dixie or kash N kary....always go wholesaler for that

i guess i do need to start using my deep freezer for stocking up on meat. only problem is my butcher i've been going to latley wont vacuum seal things for me to keep them this the norm at butcher shops? or do most carry vacuum sealers and will reseal fo ryou?
I don't buy meat from there either, but i can't help but go to the meat case when I'm in there just to see.  Kind of like people rubbernecking a traffic

Aside from that I don't like all the solution they pump into the meat that they sell.  I'm pretty much stuck on Sam's, or a few local grocery stores that have on site butchers.  None of those smaller guys vac pac, though.  I food saver everything when I get home.
around here bi-lo or piggly wiggly will have them for $2.99/lb occasionally.  i just bought 4 racks by smithfield at $2.99/lb at bi-lo.  would've bought more but ran out of room in the freezer. 
Can't say I'm sure what the BB's are going for now, I hardly ever buy them. I usually get the spares, which have stayed around $1.49-$1.79 per #

I have noticed the butts went up alot. About 6-7 weeks ago the butts were 89¢ per #, Now as of 2 weeks ago they were $1.49. thats getting close to double!

P.S. I did buy 6 of the 9lb'ers @ the 89¢ price
Basically I cook what's on sell.
This week local independent grocery has BB ribs $2.99/ lb & unenhanced chicken for $0.79 / lb. Plan on stocking up on both.
Local grocer has bbs for $2.79 lb this week .

 I have an extra  freezer so that when i find a good sale i can stock up.
I love it when the sem-iannual rib price thread arrives, it's when I get to trot out the $8.49/lb price that the major chain market form Maine wants for their "All Natural" BB's.

That's a 2.5 lb rack for $21 and change. Needless to say I have not bought ribs at that price, I just look and laugh and wonder who the sucker is that IS buying them at that price.

BTW I did happen to catch them on an off day when they were priced at $1.99/lb so I bought 4 racks just to say I tried 'em, the were as good as you get elsewhere, but certainly not Gold Dust on a bone.
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Around here Sam's is the best choice, both price & quality. Even though I live in a small town & have about an hour drive to the nearest Sam's it still costs less even after adding in the gas.
Although I am not an economist, pork has a negative elasticity.  It used to be viewed as a lesser choice of meat than beef, chicken lamb, etc.  When the economy is down, the demand for cheaper meat becomes greater, thus prices for pork products increase.  That is why so many competitions arose around the country concerning the best way or best cook of pork ribs, etc.  When done the traditional way, it was always tough.  Nowadays it has elevated itself into an art form because of the patience and methodology involved.  I think everyone here will agree that most of what we discuss in these forums, if rushed, would be tough and sinewy.  We however take time and let the juices deveolope and the natural breakdown of sinew and tendons after a long low and slow cooking method so that they are almost un-noticed.

Just some thoughts.

Bought a pack of ribs at Fareway last week ( three in a pack ) $28.00. Buddy found some at Hy-Vee on sale and bought them ( $1..49 a LB. ) they didn't have the color or the flavor. It is amazing how the price has gone up..

Well, they either give you less meat or raise the price. Most items you notice have retained the same prices, but have cut the package down several ounces. Chips, cookies, beer. You name it.
Thats FUNNY cause where I live we have to buy garbage bags from the company that picks it up and amazingly they don't fit the garbage can I have had for the last three years........ Whats next?

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