Bar-B-Q pit conversion to a reverse flow smoker

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
May 8, 2012
Breaux Bridge, LA
Hello and thanks in advance for the help. I have a small iron pipe reverse flow smoker I made years ago. I now need to have a bigger cooking area. So, I have a large home made pipe bar-b-q pit I want to convert to a reverse flow smoker. One question a have is one my smaller RF smoker the fire box is flaking iron from the heat I am assuming? So, I am thinking about building a insulated fire box on this one. Is that a good idea and if so what do I use to insulated it? Or is their a better way to not have iron flake off? Also when I made this one you guys sent me a paper on size of fire box etc. based on grill size, stack size etc. I really need to know how to built these. Also one RF smokers how thick is recommended for the plate that channels the heat from the fire box?

Thanks for any help!!!
Old steel will flake when it gets old, unless it was very thin, it's not a thing.
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