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bar-b-chef baffle and tuning plates....


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yup, i did exactly that. I did a pork butt this weekend and made some pulled pork. Some of the best stuff i have ever made. Wife wont stop telling me how good it was. We tried slaw on the pulled pork, no sauce at all. We are both hooked!! Yes i have pics.

Now my observations that i made for this cook.

I filled the chimney up with some royal oak lump and got it rolling. Let it warm internally for about 20 min.

I moved the 2 plates over about 1" from the heat source. I grabbed an oven thermometer as suggested by Chef Rob.

Here is the interesting part.

The top therm would peak at just about 300*

The bottom therm would sit at 200*

The therm on the inside just behind the meat was 225-235*

Bottom line is through continued use and learning the tricks with this unit, i am slowly figuring it out.

and of course, more charcoal is better.


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Chefrob : what did you make your baffle out of (what gauge steel?)

Also what thickness are your tuning plates made out of?  Is the whole concept here that they just act as a heatsink?




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I do not recall what the thickness is. I believe I bought them from HD and they were already pre cut. They are not thin and easy to bend.


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Hi All,
reviving this old post, hopefully I'm new to the offset smoker world and have been searching high and low for info all they way down here in Aus.
I've just come into possession of this model smoker and plan to restore it to its former glory. I'm measuring up to have some plates made a quick question, have you added extra bolts to hold the plates in place or are they sitting against the chamber wall similar to the grills underneath?

Thanks for any advice

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