Bank Holiday Weekend Smoke

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  1. The small invite of my best mate and his wife --- soon snowballed to my parents, my sister, my wife's parents...!
    Soon there were 10 of us! My biggest smoke ever.

    After the great results with the Jacobs latter, I decided to just double it and go for two. try using both the WSM levels.

    Also decided to try and re-create the incredible @Wade Pit Beans.... which I STILL can't get out of my head from the Smokers Weekend, months ago.

    Starting to get into the swing of things. Prep the day before (including making the SUPERB @Wade specialty BBQ sauce, for the pit beans)

    Baked Potatoes (cheated by using the oven), Corn On The Cobb done in the dying embers, 'KFC' style chicken in the fryer, these insane mozzarella stuffed onion rings wrapped in bacon.

    Ladders were done 3-2-1 again.

    Rubbed 12 Horus before in 100g freshly cracked mixed pepper corn and 100g flaked Kosher salt.

    Grill sitting at spot on 250f using the StokerII

    Two chunks of hickory, two of oak.

    3h on.

    2h foiled (with apple juice)

    1h (nearly 2 actually) unwrapped again.

    Beans fit in the water pan, in the newly purchased 4L Ronnie Sunshine. (Threw on another chunk of Hickory when they were put in)

    I did have to move it to directly on top of the coals for the last 5 mins to get them hot. But I am really happy with the pot.

    My father (AND father-in-law) said it was the best smoked beef they had ever had. and they DO eat a lot of beef.

    Very VERY happy.

    Only minor issue for me was that I don't think I reduced the @Wade BBQ sauce enough, as the beans were nice (EVERYONE said they were amazing) but they were not as good as the ones @Wade did for the BBQ. Will try again... but may need some kind of lesson from Wade.

    6.5kgs of Ladder for £30!!!
    HAVE to shout out to Lee @

    Incredible butcher, walking distance from me. Pretty spoilt.

    Making @Wade's 'special' sauce.

    Always need chocolate (and banana) cup cakes.

    Tam is a great baker.

    These things are HUGE

    Tam then trimmed off the top membrane, like a pro butcher.

    ... and yes. After the Cakes and Meat, I'm going to test Tamsin's Candle making skills ;)

    Salt & Pepper Rub

    Stock for the Chicken gravy, to go with the fried chicken.

    Ronny Sunshine fits in the water pan perfectly.

    Oh dear, all the meat juices will fall into the beans [​IMG]

    Meat rubbed and put into the fridge for 12 hours (taken out an hour before going onto the WSM)

    6am start! (Lunch for 2pm)

    Love the Aussie Beads.

    First time 'stacking' the meat...

    Bigger beef ribs on the bottom, with the Maverick sensors on the bottom piece and Stoker II in the top piece.

    Stoker II waterproofed, just in case the weather turned.

    Shot to 250f and stayed there.

    'Special' sauce... for Pit Beans

    Double Decker!

    Cupcakes at the ready.

    Plenty of moonshine to go round

    After 3 hours, wrapped with apple juice.

    Chicken soaked in milk overnight, rubbed with the special' KFC' style coating.

    Fryer outside to keep the stick out the house!

    Listening to Vinyl, watching the Maverick. Bliss.

    Calm before the storm of everyone arriving.

    Super succulent, again

    We even managed to sit outside! Was such a glorious day.

    Second set was huge!

    Unfortunatley, there was a lot of fat in the second one but the meat was CRAZY moist, like a fountain of gravy with the meat.

    Got room after all that? Why not have a "Freak-shake"

    Then ALL this week, lovely moist left-overs for lunch with salad.

    Check out that smoke ring!

    I'm pretty proud.... [​IMG]  

    -- EDIT --
    The next day, I managed to salvage a FULL Chimney of clean, un-burnt Aussie Beads.

    I really have NO idea how these thinks keep the heat perfectly with next to no fuel.

    Convinced it is down to the Stoker II doing a top job of regulating the air flow.
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  2. smokin monkey

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    Hi Jim, fantastic Q view!

    Points all the way!

    Food looks amazing!

    The trouble with us, we are never 100% happy with what we serve.
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  3. mike w

    mike w Smoking Fanatic

    Awesome qview! Love the feast. Those cupcakes look amazing!
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  4. Thanks peeps...

    Yup @Smokin Monkey, you are right there!

    I'm very annoyed I couldn't just re-create in one attempt what @Wade has taken years to perfect. [​IMG]

    But no matter, just have to try again!
  5. "The small invite of my best mate and his wife".  Ah! Jim.  We never got that invite??  Was it lost in the mail?  I didn't have any phone messages?  What happened buddy??  [​IMG]

    Wade's baked beans.  You youngsters.  We don't tell you ALL our secrets!!  You think we are CRAZY?  [​IMG]

    That isn't true.  We share all.  Recipes are a strange thing.  Many times a recipe/food is tied to a memory.  Before my grandmother passed I went over and we made A BUNCH of her recipes.  Now I make EXACTLY the same and it doesn't taste EXACTLY right.  You are trying to create the memory.  It CAN be done though.

    I am not ashamed to admit:  I was trying to recreate Grandma's chicken salad recipe.  Had it all written down and followed to the letter.  I was about 50 yrs. old and Grandma had been gone for at least 25 yrs.  The recipe wasn't right.  It took me 2 hrs. of tweaking that thing but once I hit it; it brought tears to my eyes.  THAT was the taste of my childhood and the memories came flooding back.

    Who knows why you think your beans were not as good as Wade's but I feel certain he gave you the correct recipe.  Maybe it was because you were starving and we were camping?  [​IMG]   Try 'er again and see what happens.

    THAT was a FANTASTIC looking meal you set out there!!  GREAT! Q-View!  Thanks for sharing.  Keep Smokin!

  6. wade

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    Great looking BBQ. I would have been proud of serving that spread too. Points [​IMG]

    The secret with the beans is to cook them uncovered in the smoker for 4-5 hours and every hour or so to stir in the smoky crust. You need them to almost dry out - or at least become very thick.
  7. WADE!!  Don't tell these youngsters all the tricks!!  [​IMG]   I knew you had told him all.  He probably just forgot that tip.  KEEP A NOTEBOOK handy folks!  Especially if at the smoking weekend where the meat and beer are flowing freely.  You can overdose on either!  Keep Smokin!

  8. he he he ....

    @Wade, I think the bit I screwed up was the length of time the beans needed to be uncovered on the smoker for.

    I was SURE it said only an hour.

    Next time, I will leave it on for 4-5, stirring in the 'crust' every hours or so. [​IMG]

    @KC5TPY my notebook is this website!

    I just take lots of photos to remind myself what I did and how things went (in case the cider kills my memory, which it often does) which means that firstly, I can look back at the thread on here when I need to remind myself how to do what I have done before... but also, hopefully, let others learn from my success/failure!


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