Baked Potatoes

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Jul 17, 2005
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I made reference to this elsewhere in the forum but just had to get in here. Kinda like being the first kid to make tracks in fresh snow!

When doing foil wrapped baked potatoes I always run a metal skewer through them. This allows a more even cooking and cuts cooking time. More than one 'tater can go on a skewer as long as they are not touching. Should be about an inch of exposed metal betwixt them.

Also, some will argue this , but I use standard foil, not the heavy duty stuff. I save that for other more important duty!

Since I usually have my smoker so full of meat, I had to do the spuds in shifts. I came up with a way to suspend them. I found little rods specifically for baking spuds, they have a triangle shaped handle. I thread those handles onto a old rotiserery rod and use wire to wrap around the lid hinge (lid still closes properly) thus spuds are out of the way, and seem to cook more evenly too!
Never thought of using metal skewers to help cook potatoes. Makes sense though, it pulls the heat in. Thanks for the tip Monty

I don't use the HD foil either. I usually go to Sam's and get the food service foil with 750 sq ft on the roll (18" x 500 ft long). It lasts forever and I don't use up the wife's "good" stuff.

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I'm fed up with baked potatoes in the smoker. I've tried so many different ways, but I just can't seem to get a smoke ring!!!!

When I do simple baked potatoes I do as my first post shows. When I want something different, and NOT using a skewer, I generally slice the whole potatoes to about a generous half inch, insert a bit of onion and garlic betwixt the slices, drizzle a bit of evoo over the spud and then shake on just a touch of gimger powder. Wrap the whole shebang in foil and place in the smoker. Done is when you can press in the side of the foil package and feel the tater squish a bit.

On a hot grill the cooking time is about twenty minutes when turning frequently. In the smoker at 225F, top rack, turning every 30 minutes, I would guesstimate that the squish is attained at about ninety minutes. But check your individual smoker for this.

If you salt, no butter. That is my choice. Go with either or both if you wish. A bit of white pepper will go a long way. AAnnnnd, you can also get daring with some crushed red pepper after you apply the evoo. Then, of course there are the possibilities offered by sweet or hot peppers, chives in place of the onions, a bit of finely diced celery...and so on.

Then there are foil pouches containing a whole meal...meat, taters and veggies.

Put your imagination to the test and let us know the results!

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