Bacon Grease

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Sep 19, 2018
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Never seen this before, but heard about it today...

Commercially available bacon grease. Not much info on their website, but supposedly sold at many grocers and Walmart...
Saw it in Scheels today...along with all the smokers that I don't need another one of, or so she says lol! Don't know anything else about it though.

They make canisters with a strainer at the top for keeping grease that comes from bacon you cook.
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At least they are putting the by product of the cooked bacon to good use.
I keep a jar in the fridge. Actually don't cook as much bacon these days. I poach it it in hot water before frying to drop the salt and sugar levels. (Covid made us really salt sensitive.) Wife likes the grease for frying eggs
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can/jar with cheese cloth to strain.

Discard cheese cloth.

Put cover pn jar or can, refrigerate.
That is exactly how we do it. We have 2 containers in the fridge. One for good bacon grease, and one for all other kinds of grease that you don’t want to put down the drain.
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I often use a rub on my bacon so it taints the grease and so do not usually save it. I do save it when clean.
This would be a good back up and a little behind the ear sure couldn't hurt!
We don't use a lot of bacon. One of my batches will last us 3 or 4 months, but I always fry it and have a pint jar in the fridge. I don't even bother straining it but just pour it in the jar chunks and all. I usually use it for green beans but have been known to put some in a pot of Ham & Beans. I have to wonder how they make it. Maybe from cooking bacon for salad toppings?
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