Bacon cure from local butcher, advice please.

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by berninga87, Jun 28, 2014.

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    I picked up a belly to make my first bacon. After a ton of reading I have my cure amount figured out. Well the butcher I got the belly from sold me a 1/2 pound of cure with the belly. I asked just to verify it is just sodium nitrite and he looked at me like he didn't even know what that is. He said it's a premixed sugar cure, just rub it down and let it sit for a couple weeks and it will be fine....
    So I have no idea how much or even what kind of cure I have right now and I couldn't even see a label for my own verification. They sell a ton of their own bacon and i used to buy a lot of I'm uncomfortable about the whole situation. It will take about a week to get DQ cure #1 at my door. I'm thinking I may just freeze the belly for now and wait for a cure I can identify.... I could have hounded the guy more but everyone in the room stared at me as soon as I questioned the cure so I just gave my $2 for it and left. Any advice/opinions or am I just over thinking this?
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    Double post, sorry, my phone did it
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    Not knowing what the cure is, and the fact that his directions are sketchy at best. I'd throw the belly in the freezer and wait for the #1. Another option would be to get some Mortans Tender quick from the store and cure it with that. Lots of threads here on using Morton's.

    I used to do dry cures until my digital scale broke. Then I started using Pop's brine and haven't switched back.
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    I would freeze it and get my ducks in a row.Any one that wants to be that vague with comments on your food you are buying from him I would find another butcher.

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    That's what I thought too. Worst thing is he's right around the corner and I support the local businesses as much as I can, oh well I guess.
    About Mortons TQ, I've read that a lot of people don't care for it because it tends to produce a saltier product. I'm not on a low salt diet but do limit it where I can. TQ is available locally though so maybe I'll try it. I'll hit the search bar, but if anyone wants to share a TQ recipe please do! Also I'll be using a dry brine for this. Will try pop's brine someday but I don't currently have the fridge space. Thanks
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    Like Case said, I wouldn't use anything that I didn't know all about it. The guy could be a total Moron. No label--No Use!

    Some say TQ is too salty. I have never found it to be, and neither have those who have eaten my products.

    The only time I ever had to soak the extra salt flavor out of my Bacon was the one time I used "Hi Mt Seasoning & Cure".

    Here is a Step by Step I made of one of my Bacon Smokes using Tender Quick as a Dry Cure:


    Bacon (Extra Smoky)

  7. berninga87

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I ended up getting some TQ from the local grocer and used Bear's recipe. I also ordered some cure #1 so I can try that when it gets here.
    Now I'm gonna go see if any fish are biting today!

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