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Back burn through auger tube *Update*

its a gas

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Update: Camp Chef was on the ball with getting back to me. Very impressed with their customer service. Most of the suggestions where already done. However they did mention auger tube build up of pellet dust and vent to chimney. The dust can ignite. I cycled the feed to remove all pellets in tube. Got my compressor and thoroughly blew out all the dust. Also noticed a build up on the chimney vent slots. This is tough to see without a flash light. Cleaned up that as well.
Seared at 400 for 15 minutes, and so far so good. Will try 500 at some point and re check. Thank you everyone for your input. Much appreciated!

I have a CC DLX24, and decided to reverse sear some pork. Dialed in the temp to hi which peaks at 500* When the meat was done, I dialed in shut down which is 20 minutes. Just before it ended, the hopper started smoking. The unit turned off as should, but it still smoked for about 20 minutes. I took out all the pellets in the hopper for fear they would catch, but it seems the auger tube had some back burning going on.

Traeger pellets are new. Ive also used bear mountain. This is the first time searing, so Im not sure if brand of pellets would cause the same thing,

I stumbled on traegers site, and they mentioned to put in smoke mode four about 20 min before shut down mode.

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I would run it as low as I could after running it that hot to make sure the burn pot was cooled down enuff that it wont start pellets after shut down, I could see that happing if you opened the lid , my PB will run until it hits a low temp on the thermistor but if you open the lid it wont sense properly and would shut down quicker, which could leave the burn pot hot enuff to fire some off.


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Any pellet grill that uses a direct to the firebox feed auger is subject to burn back. You need to let it cool down from high temps before you shut it down. The only way this is avoidable is with a drop design firebox like the Yoder and some others use. I don't really use my 1300 for high temp cooks, so I have never had that problem but it can happen anytime you really crank up the temps, you have a raging fire in the firebox and if you shut it off the auger stops feeding pellets. The fire is going to look for more fuel and start going up the auger tube. Your lucky you caught it when you did, as the pellets in the box could have caught fir also, it has happened many times.


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Make sure your chimney is clear. I know some on here think I'm nuts but mine will burn back through the auger if my chimney is plugged with creosote. And that advice came from the manufacturer.



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I agree you should cool down from high temps before shut down that will sure help.
As a side note, I have a GMG that started burn back. Would create burnt or black pellets in the hopper. With the GMG, they have a hopper fan that maintains positive air flow and pressure, if you will, to the fire pot. This stops burn back. In my case, the screen covering the fan had plugged with sawdust and lignin effectively cutting off air flow. I took it apart and replaced the screen and everything went back to normal.

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