Back at smoking now that it is a little cooler in Washington

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    Now that it is a little cooler and wetter in north central Washington, and we have recovered a little from the fires, I got the green light from my wife to continue smoking in the MES. I have experimented with cold smoked cheese, and it turned out pretty good.

    ColbyJack, Mozzerella, String Cheese. Used the Mozz on a hamburger, in mac & cheese, and on crackers. 

     This is today's load: Ribs, jerky, & brats

    Beef cut and sprinkled with rub (should have used more!)

    Finished product

    Ribs were perfect:In smoke for 4 hours, then foiled in oven for 4 hours w/maple syrup & water (couldn't find any apple cider in the house). Jerky was a little bland, but for a first try, the texture was great.

    Finished it off with a cabbage and freshly dug carrot salad. I used a rice wine vinegar and sugar dressing

    We did sauce the ribs and put them over heat to carmelize them a bit.  MMMMMMMMMM! Good Eats
  2. It looks tasty! 

    Happy smoken.


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