baby backs on the menu today

Discussion in 'Pork' started by rsnovi, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. Getting some bb ribs ready to go. I had some good luck with an apple hickory mix last time. Anyone try peach wood before? My dad brought over some chunks earlier this year because his tree died.
  2. I also bought 4 racks of BBs for today. Haven't used peach before, but like the apple/hickory mix. What are you smoking on and what cook times/temps do you shoot for?
  3. This will be my third time doing ribs on my Cookshack 025 electric smoker.  The second time I made them I was real happy so I will probably do it very similar this time.

    My plan is 225 degrees for 4.5 hours using about 3 oz wood.  I will either go apple/hickory or peach/hickory.  At 4 hours I put some sauce on and then again 15 minutes later.  After I pull them off I foil the whole patter of ribs and let them rest for a half hour.  This gave me just a slight tug off the bone.

    My first time I went 250 for 4 hours and they were a little bit too mushy for me so dropping the temp 25 degrees seemed to do the trick for me.

  4. Nice. I'll follow that today on my MES 40 and keep you posted. This will be my second attempt. So just to be clear you don't foil wrap at all during cooking process just at the end for the rest?
  5. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you. I personally don't foil bb ribs. Just at the end while resting so they stay warm.
  6. I got the wood weighed out and am going hickory and apple. I decided that the peach could use some more seasoning time.
  7. Do you do any spritzing / mopping? Or do they stay juicy enough without all that.
  8. I don't open the smoker until it is time to put sauce on at the end.
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    Just gettin ready to put some BB's in my SM025 too. Have a good smoke!

    I've been using 2 oz. how does 3 oz work?
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    [​IMG]  , That's my 'Dude" . . . no foil and leaving the lid 'SHUT'  ( that was your secret) shh...  did I say that [​IMG]  . . .

    Are you keeping a "Log" of you do's and don'ts [​IMG]  

     This is the best way I know of to improve "ANY" skill , is my time killer when smoking . Mine are like a novel, I highlight the important stuff. [​IMG]

    Have a great day enjoy your goodies and . . .
  11. I have to admit that the last time I went to make ribs I had two chunks that equaled 3 oz so I was too lazy to split a little bit off.  I thought it turned out great.

    The first time I made ribs I used 2 oz of cherry and for my taste I wanted a little bit more smoke flavor which made me comfortable going with a little bit more wood even though I added some hickory which I thought might be a little stronger.  I have settled on going with half hickory and half a fruitwood measuring up to 3 oz.  I haven't tried 3oz of just hickory.
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  12. My smoker came with a low buck cookbook, but in the back it had some notes pages so I have been making use of those.  I agree it has been very useful.  Plus I can't remember anything anymore so being able to go back to look at good or bad smokes is very helpful.
  13. I am trying out a few rubs today. A simple salt, pepper, garlic rub and McCormick's Cowboy Rub (the dark looking rack) then one of the racks I slathered in yellow mustard first, the other three in olive oil. Wrapped up overnight and just took them out to bring up to room tempature.

  14. Looking good. I have read on here about using a run binder like mustard. Let me know how it goes as I have never tried it.
  15. How your ribs looking RSNovi? I am about 1/2 way there. 
  16. I give them mediocre. We were having a community get together and they ended up sitting for much longer than I expected. Good flavor, but they got cold and I think that made them a little tougher than I like.

    I am ony phone right now and it won't let me post a picture of the final q.
  17. How did yours turn out?
  18. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Your suggested method worked great!

  19. Those sure do look good.  Nice work.

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