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Avatars and Usernames


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civilsmoker civilsmoker I'm impressed. But I have to tell ya.....Some of the intersections and stuff around Memphis looks like it was drawn up by the folks that graduated at the bottom of the on-line classes.


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Like sawhorseray sawhorseray mine is work related . I did commercial metal stud and drywall construction for 30 years . I got in the Carpenters in 1989 . As a cub I spent hours standing at a chopsaw cutting heavy gauge structural studs .
Just a name I picked for online stuff .
The avatar is a picture of one of the many jobs I did over the years .


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I gave the reason for my Username Earlier, but I neglected to describe my Avatar.

My Avatar is one of my Chainsaw Creations----I call him "Lazy Bear", because all he does is lay around. He used to lay on top of my Deck Railing, but the UV rays from the Sun were killing all of my Bears. Now he lays on top of my Corner Gun Cabinet.
That Gun Cabinet is in my Living Room, about 10' from my Recliner.
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This is fascinating for sure! thank your for starting this up!!

Username = When I first moved to Utah I was in Sandy. Thus SandyUT. kinda boring. Live close to there now but not there. I dont feel i am creative at stuff like this, so I use this in a few forums. Boring. Sandy is not my name, David is, my friends call me Dave. my wife and kids call me David. I have a college nickname, but f i told you my privacy would be broken in all of the internet. Its a dead giveaway- cant go there. College friends still use it. its for them.

Avatar = my beloved and never forgotten first dog Jack. RIP. He was special, everyone for mile knew jack by name, not me or my wife, just Jack. He would ride shotgun in my truck, always greeted me. always patient, stubborn as hell, all love. Cars would pull over to say how beautiful he was or to say hi "hi Jack". it was unique and so was he. We have had other dogs - but he will always be the one. Lost him to cancer suddenly one day out of nowhere.

Enjoy! Dave
Man that hits close to home! Made my eyes water. My dogs mean the world to me. And my name is just that. Was born in checkoslovakia way back when.
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Eventhough I still smoke cigs (yeah, I know) my handle has nothing to do with cigarette smoke.

The seller of the house that my wife and I bought for our retirement had left an old vertical smoker in the back yard.

The seller was an elderly widow who did not want the smoker since she wouldn't use it at the assisted living facility she was moving into. At closing, she wasn't sure about the brand as her deceased husband had only used the smoker a couple of times.
She apologized for not having the smoker removed during the move out/clean out.
I told her not worry herself over it and that I would figure something out.

After we had settled into our new home, I said to my wife that I wanted to keep the smoker and use it. It didn't cost me anything, right?
The day came when I knew I needed to investigate the smoker stored underneath the faded and cracked vinyl cover. I approached the smoker very cautiously and gave it a solid whack with a shovel. After all, we do live in rattlesnake country.
No rattler sounds. That's a good sign, I thought.

I remove the cover and the instant that I lifted the dome, a family of pack rats scrambled out of the bottom of the smoker. The pack rats had built a large nest inside that went almost to the top of the smoker. YIKES!
But, what really bothered me was how did the pack rats escape through the bottom of the smoker? So, I laid the smoker on its side and soon found out.

Years of rain water and a combination of rat urine and turds collecting in the bottom had completely eroded through the bottom bowl. About this time, my wife was curious about how things were coming along with the smoker. I told her that it needed a new bottom bowl, a good cleaning and burn out, followed with a seasoning.
It is at this point that my wife sees the pack rat nest and other"evidence" of the infestation and says to me, "I don't care what you clean, burn, replace, or season.
I am not eating a @#$! thing that has been in that smoker".
She doesn't use profranity very often.

I called a junk hauler the next morning.
Thus, that is my experience with a Second Hand Smoker.


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That is one great and unusual story Stuart, love it! I smoked cigarettes for 55 years until right before the pandemic, quit cold turkey. I'm not gonna get up on some soapbox and BS you, it is tough, but it can be done. Once you get the attitude that the tail can't be waggin' the dog there's no going back, ciggys stink and will aid in shortening your life. Go two weeks, tell yourself any pussy can do that, then go two more. Maybe once or twice a week I'll still get the urge, but that crap is all over, I like to be the dog waggin' my tail! Life is short enough as it is. RAY


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I hesitate to even add to this, after reading some of the interesting stories here. My username uses the first four letters of my last name, and is something I have used on a few various forums for well over a decade.

The avatar has changed a few times in the last seven years. I'll get tired of this one, too. Especially after being inspired by some of the previous posts.


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S SecondHandSmoker I heard that! For a few years each time I would open my Grill to cook, there would occasionally be 1 field mouse in it, came in from the bottom I guess. As soon as I opened the lid, it would run out. There was no urine or fecies to interfere with the food area, as it was always in the lower grease tray. I never told my Wife about it since it not worth mentioning. If she ever knew, not only would we be getting rid of the grill, we would not be having anything grilled ever again. LOL. She's funny that way. Live and learn, right?

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