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My SmokeTronix has a grease catch tray too. But since I keep it stored and covered in the shed, it is pretty much protected from mice and rats. Or maybe I've just been lucky this time around.
We do have a problem with pack rats down here and most people I know use the poison pellets. We don't use the poison pellets because of our cats and dog. Every once in while a rat will find its way into our screened in patio where the cats hang out. The dog is a four legged Hoover who eats anything she finds. We're just taking precautions to not accidently poison our pets.

Does Mrs. Bear know about the mice getting into your MES?

Yes Mrs Bear knows about the nest that was in my Grill, and the Mice that were in the grease drawer, but she's just about Pure Country Gal, raised with an older Brother & Younger Brother, who were both big on Hunting & Fishing, just like My Family. Mice don't bother her a bit. She wasn't crazy about the mouse droppings in the drawers in our kitchen, when We lived in Military Housing at Schofield Barracks, in Hawaii, but the mice themselves didn't bother her.

We have a bigger problem with mice here than we ever had. Until I got rid of my 2008 Dodge Ram, Mice were building regular cities in the Air Cleaner Box all the time. I wasn't driving much, because of my health, so my Truck just sat there for months at a time. You could open the hood, and smell the Mouse pzzzz, and track it right to the air cleaner box.
Mrs Bear's Outlander had some Sensor chewed off, in the garage, that cost us over $400 to replace (almost All Labor, because of where it was), however we're not sure if that one was Mice or a Chipmunk.

We have Zero mice in the house, because when they were building this Log House, I was here every day, keeping an eye on things, and while I was sealing up around the Wiring & plumbing with Fireproof Caulk, I went ahead & sealed any possible pass-thru for Mice, before they closed up the walls, with that same Red Caulk.
So far our Kitty has nobody to play with!!! That's been 19 years since We built this place.

Bear Jr gets Mice in his house, down the driveway from here, but he has My Kitty's brothers "Cheech & Chong" living at his house. He can't use Poison, but those 2 cats get any mice that show up, real quick.



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mine is pretty simple. 28 yrs ago i went to work at local factory. nicknames were fairly common so charlie brown stuck due to the size of my punkin and most hats are on the last snaps. as i moved up one of my coworkers latched on to fathead and then the online stuff come onto the scene and i just swapped the f for a p.


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BandCollector BandCollector AWESOME post. Feel like I know a little more about a lot of you. Mines pretty boring just first initial J for Jeff and first 3 of my last name. The 3 2’s and the user name in general date way back to my first email address which was on AOL. I’ve used it on countless forums, email addy’s, fans ID’s and more. The avatar is my 270 Cabinet smoker.

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