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Discussion in 'Fatties' started by ycastane, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. ycastane

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    I've been reading several threads here about fatties to see how it's done. I decided I will make 2 of them, one with the jimmy sausage or whatnot and one with ground beef, I want to see which I like more.

    My worry is that the bacon won't crisp up. I have an MES that goes up to as high as 270. I know I have to cook the fatties to around 160-170 IT. At around 220-230? Will the bacon come out crispy?
  2. I've got an MES30 Gen 1 and I just cooked the fatty at the highest setting until it reached an IT of 165. Pork is nice and fatty and if your using something like an 80/20 beef there's no chance of it drying out if pulled at the proper temp. Not to mention....IT'S WRAPPED IN BACON!!!

    Here's a picture of my finished product done at 275 on the MES.

  3. ycastane

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    Niiiiceeeee!!! Yeah I have the same MES, I will definitely be making this on Saturday!!! Can't wait!! Thanks rgautheir......
  4. Don't forget the q-view[​IMG]
  5. oldschoolbbq

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    Not to worry , you'll be fine. What is being stuffed in that Fatty and the Cow Roll? I like Roasted Green Chile and a good Cojita Cheese and maybe some other goody inside.

    Have fun and definatly send Q-view, as always . . .
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    You should be fine getting the bacon to crisp up.  A good trick is to use thin bacon, not the thick stuff. That's where people run into problems when smoking things wrapped with bacon.
  7. Truer words were never spoken.


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