Anything else that Dr.'s are gonna warn us about??

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May 14, 2016
Hurricane, Utah
 I guess we need to stop using Foil now!   

I think these "Experts" need to get a life! I am NOT going to stop using it!
I notice they didn't suggest an alternative.
At almost 64 years I've done most of the things that are bad for you and still do some.
I'm still kicking and don't even pay attention to stuff like that. Nothing is good for you. Everything causes cancer. No wonder I can't stop drinking & smoking LOL!
I agree! I am going to be 63 in November! I did quit Smoking, (Stinky Sticks) and still drink once in a while, but they are not going to tell me what to use to cook with!

At MY Age, I..Take No Prisoners!
Sorry, but when this study is released by MD Anderson, Mayo, Baylor, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, etc., I'll take heed.  A study done using foil that may not have the standards required by the FDA criteria may not be worth the paper it's written on, IMHO.  Apologies if I tick off any Sharjah alums (anyone know their mascot?), but I can shove enough hot dogs down a lab rat's gullet to cause anything from obesity to cancer:  I'll keep on keeping on with my Reynolds Wrap, thank you very much, and worry about something about something that is a little more pressing.  Like the zombie apocalypse.   
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You gotta read out loud any website name before you start reading their stuff. The more exotic it sounds...The less reliable I find them.

Also, have you noticed that no medical researchers is quoted, just a chemist? No offence to that fellow but all he can tell me is there is aluminum in the food. Which one should expect with the foil in contact with meat at bbqing temps.

Connection between aluminum and Alzheimer's has been long talked about. Is correlation , not causation. I am not saying aluminum is harmless. I am saying there is no conclusive evidence it triggers Alzheimer's.

Some people use aluminum foil for cooking. Other use it to make hats.
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mmm,, aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

I think I'd just go for wrapping in tobacco leaves and dousing with scotch.
The supposed relationship between aluminum and Alzheimer's Disease has been reported for over two decades. The original stories reported a link between aluminum cookware (pots and pans made of aluminum) and the horrible dementia disease. Like this report, the science was extremely sketchy. It was yet another study that asks a group of people a whole bunch of questions; follows their medical histories; and then at the end of the study, tries to correlate the answers on the questionnaires with any diseases contracted.

I could write a paper (actually I have written such a paper) on the massive problems with regression analysis, the mathematical tool used to try to find correlations between one of the answers given, and the eventual medical outcome. Bottom line: it is a tool that is almost guaranteed to produce wrong results.

Unfortunately, once the results of these studies is published, some part of the population believes it, and the story never completely goes away. Just look at the stories which link vaccinations with autism (which has been proven wrong many times) and see how many people still believe it, and act on it.

Like others who have responded in this thread, I'm getting a little old (Medicare starts this year), and have compiled my own life experiences. About the only ones of these thousand studies that I'm sure is true are the ones linking cigarette smoking to both cancer and heart disease. Those are true, for sure.

Finally, unless you cook every meal in aluminum foil, even if there is a danger (which I highly doubt), you'd never run into it by using aluminum foil because many of its uses, like covering a casserole dish, simply don't put the food in contact with the aluminum for long, and not at a very high temperature. If any problem was going to show up, it would be when using an aluminum pan for frying. I'm still here, despite the fact that when growing up in the 50s and 60s, our family used a small aluminum pan to pop popcorn in hot oil. Despite that, I still have most of my marbles.
And did anyone else follow the "source" links from that story backwards?  It seemed to be spread from alternative health site to alternative health site.  I gave up on trying to find any authoritative medical source for that story.


I'm not giving up foil in the smoker and throw the BS card on that story. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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