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Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by markuk, Nov 21, 2014.

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    What is your recipe for your burger?  I must abmit that I have not tried different cuts of meat and them minced them together. I use the Aldi mince as it has quite a high fat content, I think it is either 20 or 23%, I have tried different mixes of spices and flavours, but have gone back to just using a tablespoon of dried onions with a tablespoon of water, a teaspoon each of salt & pepper and half a teaspoon of burger binder. I make them all into 6 ounce burgers, with cheese in the middle.  
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     That is 5lbs of ground beef short rib. I used 1 Tbsp of salt, 1 Tbsp of cracked black pepper, 1 Tbsp of powdered garlic. When I made the patties I put a thin coating of canola (rapeseed) oil on them and let them sit in the fridge for 2 hours. Then cooked them. The short ribs had a good amount of fat so I had a lot of flare ups, but it kept the burger moist once the internal temp was 160.
  3. That looks like some good burgers Mike.  I had heard of using the short rib.  I also heard on some cooking show??  about adding some brisket to that.  It's something I want to play around with at some point.  You know, maybe 3-4 different blends and a blind taste test thing.  You had me hooked ..... until you added the garlic.  LOVE garlic, use it in many many dishes; you can't love Tex-Mex and not like garlic,  but nothing breaks my heart more than ordering a steak in a restaurant only to find they sprinkled it with garlic.  Just one of my quirks, of which I probably have more than my share.  I would certainly eat it, I just prefer no garlic on my steaks, burgers or que.  Now, the pickled gherkin I have on my burger or eat with my burger should have a garlic taste.  YES I know I'm strange!  I can live with that.  [​IMG]

  4. smokewood

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    That's great Danny, I think I have found someone as fussy, oops I mean as quirky as me.  I think it could be a good topic for a new thread called "what are your quirks, and not just on the Q"
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    I use Aldi a lot , nice cheap prices . However the Meat is Crap [​IMG]

    They have some good Mexican Cheeses and a good Dairy product.

    Being poor , this helps a lot...

    Have fun and . . .
  6. [​IMG]   Hello smokewood.  Yeah, I have these quirks.  Yes I know they are silly; yet, there they are!  Garlic is fine with almost everything so long as is not my piece of meat ( meat on it's own as a main ).  In dishes including meat it's just fine ( spaghetti sauce, chilli even stew ).  Eggs and bacon are for breakfast!  Not for tea.  Cold pizza in the morning is a NO GO!  Cold takeaway of any sort the next day is a NO GO!  There are other "quirks" with U.S. products but no need to post here.   .........................  NOW! that all being said;  don't know if it is just my wife or Brits as a whole.  I have discussed some things at work with my British workmates and they think I am crazy.   The one my wife got introduced to was jam on toast with a slice of fried smoked streaky bacon.  She just figured that couldn't work.  I toasted some bread, slathered on the jam, threw on the fried bacon and ran into the lounge and told her to open and eat!  Her words were " that's sooo wrong! but it tastes lovely"!  Oh well. to each his own.

  7. smokewood

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    Hiya Danny, No it's not silly, I think it is great.... after all If we all ate the same, did the same etc, life would be easier, but a lot more boring.  The jam on toast with bacon sound quite good, I will have to give that one a try.  I didn't like the peanut butter & jelly though, that's just wrong!
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    When I first started to work in the USA many years ago I was somewhat taken aback when invited to dinner one evening at a a friends house in Iowa. She had cooked us lasagna, which was delicious, however it was served with a slice of bread and jam as a side. I looked in disbelief however she was astonished that I had not had it before. She had always been brought up to expect something sweet with lasagna to balance the savory of the meat. I did try it but I wasn't convinced.
  9. Well that's a new one on me Wade.  Never heard that before.

    Give 'er a whirl smokewood.  It's the whole contrasting thing.  Hot-cold, salty-sweet, savoury-sweet ( which I usually don't do ), and then the smokiness of the bacon thrown in for good measure.  In my opinion the bacon MUST be smoked streaky and is even better if cooked crispy but still works if not.

  10. markuk

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    Back to Burgers !!!

    Had another Brioche Bun last night with a shop bought Hickory Beef Brisket Burger which was very nice...

    I serve mine simply - just the Bun slightly toasted then add  a tsp of Burger Ketchup (which is similar to the MC - D Sauce ) on each one - then Burger, Mont Jack Cheese ( pre melted on Burger when still on griddle) then 3 slices of Tomato and some Iceburg Lettuce - on with the top - you can't beat it !

    We've been making Sweet Potato Chips /Fries recently which are a nice change from normal pots - just sliced up toss in olive Oil and Paprika plus S&P - around 35-40 in a hot oven turning frequently
  11. mike w

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    My kid loves sweet potato fries. I usually cut them in round shapes for him when I bake them in the oven, so they don't burn. When deep frying, I prefer to use peanut (groundnut) oil.
    Sounds like a great meal Mark!
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    I am a firm believer in ground chuck for the best hamburger around. Now I have never ground up ribeye and made a burger from it before but I am sure it would probably knock the socks off ground chuck. I buy my beef in whole cow form though and it is raised locally with no steroids or anything and free range. Yes, I am spoiled and that grocery store chub meat just doesn't cut it anymore for me. Also, every great burger needs a dollop of mayo on the bottom bun darn it.
  13. smokewood

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    I tried the Brioche Buns after your recommendation and they are great.  I will definitely buy them again. 
  14. I believe I heard of the buns on DDD.  I had not been able to find any but I just figured they HAD to work with the beef, onions and etc. of a good burger.  I still haven't made it over to Aldi yet but since I'll be in town tomorrow guess I'll have to add an extra stop to the list.  Keep Smokin!

  15. smokewood

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    Hiya Danny, while you are in Aldi, you want to pick up a pack of their bratwurst, they are the dogs do-dahs.
  16. jockaneezer

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    Hiya Danny, while you are in Aldi, you want to pick up a pack of their bratwurst, they are the dogs do-dahs.

    I heard they were made FROM the dog's do-dahs [​IMG]
  17. smokewood

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    That explains why I keep cocking my leg up every time I walk past a lamp post [​IMG]  
  18. I can't take you guys anywhere.  [​IMG]

  19. osprey2

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    Not even to apologize ???

    Crappy laptop off for a while !
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    I'm with TJ on this one Ground chuck makes a great burger!


    Now that's a Sandwee!!!

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