Anyone here own a Green Mountain pellet grill?

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by cabin fever, Jul 23, 2010.

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    I own a Green Mountain Daniel Boone model and could not be happier.

    It cooks the food with a nice clean smoked flavor

    The smoke flavor can be adjusted by lowering the temp and cooking slow, or mixing in stronger flavor wood pellets.  The temp. control makes it fool proof to hit your mark when cooking.  I can slow cook at 150 or 225, or cook a pizza at 500

    Made A Prime Rib Started at 450 for 10 minutes then lowed it to 190.  Put the built in meat probe in and cooked to 128.  It was perfect.  And by the way it was below 25 degrees outside at the time.  The thermal blanket allowed me to cook outside all winter

     Most pellet grills are not capable of getting a strong smoke flavor.  If that is what you are looking for I purchased an A-Mazing -Smoke tube for when I want to add a strong smoke flavor. 
  2. The lower the temperature you run a pellet smoker at, the more smoke it will create and the greater the smoke flavor. As the temperature increases, the pellets smolder less and start to burn cleaner. At 500° on my Daniel Boone, there is very little smoke. At 180°, there is a very strong smoke flavor.

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    I've owned a DB for three years. I had no experience with smoking foods prior to that. What I did not want to do was learn how to tend a fire. That being said I compared the trager and the Green Mountain carefully. Obviously they are both good. I think the GM dollar for dollar gives you more and, for me, the ability to control the temperature in 5 degree increments seemed better than 20 for the traeger.

    Perhaps for the purest the only issue might be the fact that you are locked into blends of wood. For the GM see :

    I'v used other brands of pellets and they all work. Bottom line I am sooooo satisfied with my smoker and so is everyone who has eaten anything I've cooked.

    I think the most overlooked issue is measuring temperature. My DB thermometer is not accurate. I now use one from Thermoworks. Spendy by very accurate and fast.
  4. Hi, I currently own a Masterbuilt and just ordered a GMG Daniel Boone.  So I'm looking forward to some of the same features you talked about, like not having to tend the fire.  Plan to use at Lake cabin where being on the water whether fishing or just cruising takes some priority on nice days.  Being able to set and let it cook sounded great to me.  Relative to the pellet comment, I did a fair amount of research on pellets and their availability prior to buying my Masterbuilt.  You don't have to use GMG pellets and there are a number of suppliers out there with all wood pellets that are like apple, mesquite, hickory etc. which you mentioned.  The last bunch of pellets I bought were Traeger Apple pellets bought at Costco when on sale there.  If you have a good source of quality wood pellets use them in the GMG.

    When you say the Temperature probe is not accurate, are you referring to the one to insert in the meat?  Or the one measuring the chamber temp?
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    The DB I bought only came with the meat probe and at first I was very pleased with it. After about a year I was getting wildly fluctuating and inaccurate readings. I called the company and there were very polite and sent me another probe. It really did not work and I presumed there might be a problem with the electronics built in. I think they would have replaced that as well but at the same time I started to compare a few of the cooking thermometers I own and found them to vary greatly.

     After that discovery I put two oven thermometers in to check the temp setting at I've found it's off by about 20 degrees and at lower temps even more

    At that point I did a search for more professional instruments. Thermoworks is a popular brand and I bought a quick read (just under $100- not inexpensive but for my compulsive nature very worth the money). I am getting ready to invest in one that has cables and checks both the meat temp and the temp of the cook box. That will cost about $125 but again for all our cooking we do (Wife is an excellent cook) I think it will be worth it.

    I have one more comment. From the time I bought this I found that things tended to cook faster than recipes suggested. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with an inaccurate cookbox temp ( this was before my obsession with temperatures), but a representative at GMG said that pellet smokers tended to cook more like a convection oven. I only mention this so that you are aware in the beginning.

    I summery- for the smoking I do-- I think GMG is excellent and I'd buy it again.

    As to the wood- I guess I'm lazy. The stock woods give me good results, but I do know other brand pellets work.

    Hope this helps, Nice chatting with you- Aren't smoked meats great? Just finishing up 4 pounds of Pastrami I did for a Party last week.
  6. Thanks for the feedback.  I will check the temp sensor when my GMG shows up and see how far they re off.  Others indicate that they were pretty accurate in what I read.  I've only been smoking meats about year and half now.  Excluding years of using Weber grill and smoke box to attempt to add some smoke flavor.  At first my wife was OK with some of the stuff I smoked.  Wasn't real excited about my first two attempts at Brisket.  Partly because being the host she is.  She left everybody else go first and they took the good parts.  But with some tinkering and slow cooking thru the night.  I have now done two Briskets that she said I can do any time.  The meat was tender and very tasty.  Low and slow has become my rule of thumb for smoking now.  I did two 10lb Turkeys at Thanksgiving and when they came in the meat was juicy and flavorful.  Plus the meat about fell off the bone.  Her back up Turkey in the oven suffered from dryness.  Guests devoured the smoked meat.  She says I can smoke anything anytime for her now.  Happy Wife, Happy Life!!
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    anyone having problems with inconsistent temp with the DB wi-fi model?..mine will stay at set point for about 45 minutes then jump up about 40 degrees abd then bounce back and forth.
  8. I don't have the wifi model but I've never experienced that issue. If it's new, it might be because the fire box hasn't debeloped a fuel base yet. I've had the issue slightly after cleaning the burner box out.
  9. I also have the Daniel Boone unit with the remote.  I have not had any major temp fluctuations so far.  But I agree it seems to cook faster then most recipes say.  Just remember its better to go low and slow.  So I just adjust the temp down from what recipes will say a bit.  Relative to pellets I also use other brands of 100% wood pellets.  I found they work just fine.  The only issue I would say is that it would be nice if you go go to 125°.  For cooking Brisket it would be nice to start out there at first for the initial few hours of cooking.  I've gotten good enough my wife says you can cook more often then ever before.  I'm also impressed with how few pellets get used.  I've done a number of overnight cooks with it on low temp around 160°.  and it only used about 50% of the pellets in the hopper.  Best thing is with the remote I didn't have to go outside to the unit in the middle of the night and see how it was doing.  Just tapped the remote button and I readily knew the meat temp and the chamber temp.

    I have a 30" electric MES and it works great too but with it I have to get up and go out and reload pellets or wood chips 2-3 times a night on and overnight cook.
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    I have the Daniel Boone and Love it.  I have not owned another pellet smoker but have used a traeger that a friend has.  I will keep my GMG solely for the reason that i can sear a steak and his won't. 
  11. I'm a fairly new owner of a Rec-Tec (2 months) and it's simply fantastic.  I was prepared to spend up to $3000 and researched for about 2 months before settling on this unit at $998.00.  I live in Augusta, GA so I was able to pull right up to the Rec-Tec warehouse dock and load in my truck.  In summary, high quality, excellent and personal customer service staff and 6 year warranty, perfect temp control, low and slow smoking to 500 degree grilling temps.  I lost a screw, called them and it arrived quickly in the mail.  Very helpful, and this unit is simply a great value delivering high quality overall.  With that warranty, no worries.  Best of luck whatever you end up buying!    
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    I have both a Traeger Jr and a Green Mountain Tailgater. I love them both. I leave the Tailgater in our RV and use it on the road. I love it. It has some features that are superior to the Traeger. Although the size of the grills are different, the prices are about the same (~$350). But I think they are both worth it! The Green Mountain can get to high temperatures and comes with a built in food temperature gauge. Our local meat store has a guy who sells both and he usually has the best prices.

    I highly recommend the Green Mountain, especially if you like to camp!
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    I have a Davie Crockett, got it about 10 months ago and couldn't be happier with it. I have cooked briskest, pork shoulder, a 14 lbs turkey hen and a 21.5 lb boneless chuck roast in it. Everything I have done has been well recieved when served. :grilling_smilie:
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    If you want more smoke flavor, try getting a Amaz'in product, your can use it in your propane grill or any of the electric box smoker. Place it on top of your firebox and take an aluminum container, inverted, to keep the drips from putting out the pellets (boy did I fill foolish when my pellets were out  half way through my cook rom the juices). 

    I have a Davie Crockett, GMG, got it for its portability and size. I can do a 16 lb. turkey without any trouble. Pork shoulder, pork butts, large chuck roasts are a breeze. It has a good size for cooking for 2 or a main meat dish. If you are trying for larger meals with multiple dishes it is not the ticket. Since if fits into the trunk of my Jetta, runs on 12 volts or 120 volts, it is a great tailgater. 

    I real like Blaz'n Grills for a larger pellet grill. The many details in design and manufacture are noteworthy. A Blaz'n Grill can also be order insulate, this helps with small children and cold weather.

    This last weekend we smoke cheese in a Master forge used the Amaz'in box to supply the smoke, never plugged in the Mater forge and left the door lightly closed to maintain the temperature under 80 F. This is the ticket for smoking cheese for my money.

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    How do you sear your steaks and hamburgers and how long on what temp? Also, how would grill sliced pork tenderloin?
  17. I have a GMG DC WiFi and absolutely love it.  It gets up to almost 500*F and I use it at the house when it is just the wife and I and it is a small cook.  I take it in the Travel Trailer when we go trailer camping and it is fantastic.  I have baked pies, frozen lasagna, biscuits, pork butt, ribs, and more.  It is very versatile and I am very pleased with its performance.

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  18. I haven't done a steak on my GMG, but speaking with those who have, its at it's highest temp....500. I do steaks on charcoal. I also do tenderloins whole....I'm not sure if you are talking about slicing a tenderloin and then grilling it? I've never seen that...

    IF I did a steak on my gmg, I would use a thermometer to measure internal temp. 130 degrees for med-rare. I like mine rare so around the 120 degree mark. 

    Tenderloins I cook at around 275 until they're around 145-150 degrees inside. I wrap in foil and let them sit for about 20 mins at least. Then I slice them....That 165 degrees for pork business is for the birds.

    Anyhow, yeah, I have a GMG and weber charcoal grill...I use the weber for steaks exclusively.  Good luck. 
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    Ya have some good info here, I'd suggest trying a reverse sear on steaks ! Get some nice ribeye's (I do 1 1/4" cut). Smoke em in my GMG DB for round 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. on 150*..... Then I fire up some charcoal in the Weber Kettle & sear them up ! Give it a try, I don't think you'll regret it !
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    :sausage:. How do cook steaks GMG so it doesn't have smoke flavor and seared?

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