Anybody Use a Hot Plate in a Gas Vertical Smoker???

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Dec 29, 2009
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Customer needs help with converting a Brinkman Vertical Gas Smoker to electric

Anybody use a hot plate in there smoker?

Pics would be great!


I tried an 800 watt portable electric counter-top burner once. Even with a cast iron burner plate, it didn't convect much heat to the smoke chamber. There seems to be a need for other mass added to the burner plate which can transmit thermal energy to the air, otherwise you only get radiant heat, which isn't much. I know with my first attempt, the burner was cycling on/off pretty slowly, with more power-off than power-on, so that told me it wasn't moving much heat from the plate. I added a smaller cast iron skillet to see if the burner would cycle more, but it still didn't put enough demand on the thermostat for a steady power-on...was better, but not by much. Chamber temps in my GOSM 3405GW only climbed about 30* above ambient with top vent closed about 90%, if I recall correctly (was about 3 years ago). If something could be rested on the burner to pull heat away from it, then have fins to transfer that heat into convection with a fair amount of efficiency, I think it would work.

Just some things to consider...

I use a 750 watt Rival hot plate controlled by a Ranco temperature controller in a vertical Master Forge charcoal smoker to smoke sausages, bacon and the like.....I don't exceed 170 degrees with this particular set up, but i know that others reach BBQ temps with a hot plate or the 1000 watt element that's available from SausageMaker.
I set the hot plate on a grate with the sawdust A-Maze-N below.

I snapped a couple quick pics:

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don't think a gasser can hold the heat like an insulated MES......
I have... don't have pictures though.

I converted a ECB charcoal into an electric using two of these:

They are easy to take apart and rewire into the smoker.  

I drilled two holes into the water pan and used cast iron pan for wood chips.

I also drilled two holes into the bottom for the main heat element.  

I then attached the bases to the bottom and used fire proof wire to extend the factory wires to the elements.

One word of caution.  Make sure you have a heavy duty extension cord and use two outlets if one of them has an internal circuit breaker.

All in all, the mods did the trick. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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