Anybody ever try ham and bacon "left overs" sausage?

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Smoke Blower
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Sep 13, 2013
OK, OK, I might be nuts, but has anyone made sausage out of left over ham and bacon with fresh pork butt?  I was thinking of taking a pound of fat and meat from a store bought smoked ham, plus a pound of left over ends and pieces of my homemade bacon, a pound of fresh pork fat and a 7 lb pork butt and grinding it all together.  Add the requisite salt, cure #1, pepper, and maybe some bay leaf and sage, refrigerate overnight then smoke it to 152 degrees. 

Has anyone ever tried something like this?  Any one see any health issues as long as it's smoked to the right temperature? 
I'm curing a couple of butts right now that I want to do this with. I also have some bacon cut off pieces. You would have to figure out your cure for the fresh pork separately.
I have added a lb. of BBB ends and pieces to a summer sausage ( 6 lb. beef, 3 lb. pork, and 1 lb. bacon ) everyone that tasted it said it was better than any they have ever had.  I just added the pieces intermittently throughout the grinding process.
Well, not like any Andouille I've ever made.  However, when it's finished, I'll let you know!
I have added fried bacon [with fat drained] chopped up to fresh breakfast sausage [venison/pork--beef/pork--and just pork]. The bacon was ground with the meat and then i put the normal seasoning in the mix and stuffed and made patties [onions were tweeked in there too].  Reinhard
Woodcutter brings up an interesting point.. Would you figure Cure for the total weight or only for the weight of the fresh pork? Considering that ham and bacon have been previously cured..?
I was trying to come up with a ham stick recipe a while ago and came up with this. They turned out pretty good but there is room for some improvement yet.

Nepas and Martin suggested adding ham base which I still want to try. This time I want to grind up the 2 butts I'm curing and add some bacon cutoffs. Stuff in sheep casings and smoke. If the test fry isn't spectacular I'll try adding the ham base.
I do not see any health issues as you said you would follow cure process for raw pork. There is a Germann sausage called Schinckenwurst.Not sure of exact spelling. And I am not sure if they used both cured ham and raw pork. Point is your idea is not from left field. From time to time I add a little ham or bacon to my coarse ground bologna. And Smoked kielbasa. Just for a little change. Happy SM Weiss wurst
All great ideas. I added ham and bacon to andouille and it came out great.
give it a try... what's the worst that can happen.... I would grind and cure the raw butt separate tho.... and then mix it with the rest of the meat.....
give it a try... what's the worst that can happen.... I would grind and cure the raw butt separate tho.... and then mix it with the rest of the meat.....
I agree with that. Cure your raw meat properly and then grind and mix in your cooked meat. Maybe do a fry test just for experiments sake.
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Others have said it and I concur , mix your already cured meat and your raw meat only after you have cured the raw pork. On the other hand if you mix all your ingredients including all meat and stuff it be sure to use the raw meat as your measurement base. I doubt that the ham or bacon will absorb much of your spices  ( maybe some water ) Happy Sausage Making Weisswurst is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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