Any help appreciated!

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Jan 1, 2011
New Portland Maine
Hello Folks, I recently picked up a used propane smoker from someone who cleaned out a chinese restaurant that went out of business. My plans are to use it in the kitchen of a store I'm in the process of buying.  I would like to identify it somehow. It needs racks, which I can have made, but I would still like to know what brand it is. I can't find a data plate on it anywhere. The only thing it has is a small plate with an NSF number on it. The number is NSFD018733. is there a way I can look that number up? It must be a certification number I would imagine. It is 6 feet tall and 24" square. The shelves inside are aproximately 21 and a half inches sqaure (give or take) It is stainless steel. I'm going to take a picture of it, and hopefully, I can add it to this post. Thanks, for any help you can give me.  Mark Tolman
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Congrats on the find. Not sure on the brand

Yea congrats on the new piece of equipment. If you have looked all over it and can't find any signs of a brand I would start looking in the internet under Alca shams or something like that. But I'm sure that someone around here will stop in and tell you more then I did. Until that can you swing into Roll Call and introduce yourself please.
Hello, I'm not sure how to find roll call. I'll keep looking.....

 Top of the page click on the word "Forum", then just under the heading "Announcements" is the "Roll Call" forum.

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