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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by smokin woodys, Aug 31, 2014.

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    New uds build works awsome just seasoned it .built it for a friend the lid is bottom of weber works great just weld to barrel lid and cut out middle 1 1" and 2 3/4 for air.the d sticks away from barrel.
  2. Another pic
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    good job. looks like a quality build. Seems like using the bottom of the webber grill gives even more room on top. Are those wheels mounted directly to the bottom of the barrel or is there a structure underneath it?
  4. Mounted dierectly to the barrel the thing burned for at least 10 hrs and didn't even use all the charcoal I was amazed has a heat deflector I used the part of the lid I cut out and drilled holes in it it's really nice the guy that bought it loves it

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