Another Sous Vide Pastrami!

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Aug 13, 2015
Indianapolis, Indiana
After seeing Al's Pastrami I just had to give it a go with my new toy!
I got one of those Corned Beef rounds that are always on sale this time of year (the Mrs used the one I cured to go with cabbage & potatoes). Just a tad over 3#, it got JJ's seasoning, wrapped and sat in the fridge 2 nights.
Yesterday it went in the smoker at noon for 4 hrs. It was so windy and in the 40s so the best temps I could get was 160 to 200. It only got to 120 IT.Took it straight from the smoker, vac sealed and lowered it into the Sous Vide.
At noon today (20 hrs) I took it out, brushed off the loose stuff and gave a quick sear. Hard to do because it was round!
After it cooled a bit it was slicing time. As usual I forgot to check the grain before smoking so I just took a guess....
I've never been able to get it this tender and the flavor is outstanding! This is how Pastrami will be made here from now on! Man I love this gadget!
Since I have to work this evening the first Sammie will be cold in the lunch bucket. Koops mustard, mayo and baby Swiss on marble rye.
Thanks for looking and thanks to SmokinAl for the idea.


That looks amazing Dan!  

Good thing the Mrs doesn't care for Pastrami. That 3# won't last long. Next time I'll go bigger [emoji]128513[/emoji]
Looks great,try cutting an edge off before cooking to remember how to slice it.Thumbs Up
Looks great Mose!! I'm thinking of doing a store bought corned beef for pastrami this weekend.

I'm up in the air whether to finish it in the smoker or use the SV like you and Al
Hi Mose

 Have a SV and love it especially for steaks.  How long and temp did you use in the SV after smoking? Yes i see the temp .
Making up some more of Jeff's rub and getting ready for the weekend.

20 hours. Cover the container the best you can with foil so the water doesn't evaporate so fast.
Good luck!

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