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haricot rouge

Original poster
Feb 4, 2007
Baton Rouge, La
Hello all,

I'm down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana just in the shadows of Tiger Stadium. I just bought a GOSM and am trying to smoke 2 whole chickens, some additional thighs and a pork roast. I've not had a problem with temp - 225, but became concerned when all smoke ceased after about 2 hours of smoking. I put in a new wood chip box. Should I have done that or just added some more chips to the box already in there? Chips in box I took out looked like charcoal peices, not ash. Also, do y'all recommend cooking the chicken whole or in halves? Thanks for help and this great Board. Wish I would have looked here before cranking it up this morning. :roll:
Hey haricot, In the GOSM, I've had wood chunks lasts 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Sometimes they burn down to ash sometimes they look like a chunk of charcoal. One you notice that smoke is no longer coming out of the top vent, add some more wood.

I think that the chicken halves cook quicker but I have cooked them both ways with great results.

If you haven't already done so, take the 5-day e-Course, lots of good info to have.
Thanks for replies!! Everything looks good and will be coming off soon in time for Super Bowl. Need to impress Mother in law as this was her Christmas gift to me. I'm sure I'll be posting/asking more in future.

Looks like this might be a good game! I'm watching even though my Saints did not make it :( .
Welcome Rouge and good success on your smoke. You will love it. Ditto's on the whole bird. I have a couple of racks that you just sit the chicken on whole. Works great. One of them is ceramic and you can add liquid in the center. Also, try the brining it is great. You can find recipes on this site and also Jeffs original site. You will definately get hooked on it. :D
Welcome haricot rouge -

You will be a first class smoker in no time with this lot!

GoFish is not exagerating about brining the birds - makes a heck of a difference!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana huh? Bet you got some super recipes down there for smoked meats.

Do take time to check out the eCourse alot of info there. Have fun!
Welcome to SMF haricot rouge!!! I've become kinda partial to chicken halves instead of the whole bird. There is no right or wrong with either way, just your preference. Try them both and see what ya like.

When your smoke slacks off and you get the charcoal looking pieces of wood just shove them to the back of the wood box using the edge of your new chunk. Lay a new chunk or two in the front of them and your off. During a long smoke you will get a pretty good bed of coals going.

Enjoy the forums!
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