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David Dunlap, dwdunlap dwdunlap , a member since 2016, passed away in Dallas TX on Nov 29, 2022. He struggled for the last 20 years with Congestive Heart Failure, but outlived all medical expectations.
He was my friend.
David had been inactive on SMF since Jan 2022 due to his illness.
Any prayers sent his way would be greatly appreciated by his family.
Gary, I am so sorry to hear about David's passing. Thank you for letting us know and prayers are going out for him.
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Sorry to hear of David’s passing Gary! May he rest in peace and prayers to his family and friends!
Prayers sent for him and his family. Thanks for letting us know Gary and I'm sorry you lost your friend
Not the kind of news one likes to hear... But rest assured he has met up with other members who have passed and they have the big smoker in the sky chugging along...

RIP David and prayers to all friends and family ...
I did not know David but I know this - I cannot comprehend death - it is a total contradiction in logic that just breaks my heart. How can we live, communicate ideas and emotions, create, love, endeavor to be loved, and have that all taken away, for what rational reason?

Hearing about anyone's passing reminds me of how cold-hearted life is, and it breaks my heart every time.

Rest in Peace, Sir. I hope that there is a beautiful afterlife and that you are in it.
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Such sad news. Prayers for David's family and friends. Thanks you for the update Gary.

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