Another member gone

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To David.... May you find that perfect thin blue smoke every cook. God bless brother, and may God Bless his family and friends. Have something waiting on me when I catch up to you.
Prayers for all "passed" members, the known and the unknown.

I often read older threads and check the status. Not sure if they lost interest (got that from some members I met last weekend) or if they can no longer post ...
So sad to hear this but thank you for posting. David was a good friend. We spent hours discussing different sausage making techniques, recipes, and so forth. I sent him several different spice mixes, which he made and shared the results. The world is short one more very good person.

I'm sorry to hear this about David. I met him and his wife in IRL when helping him rewire his MES30 for an Auber PID. It was great meeting those lovely people.

My thoughts and prayers go out to David and his family and I'm grateful his pain and suffering are no longer bothering him. I'm sure he is smoking a chuck roast right now there in the great beyond. You will be missed my friend :)
Thanks for the heads up Gary..... I missed this thread. Sorry to hear that.
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