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    This was my third port butt.

    We decided Saturday afternoon to have my parents over for Father's Day dinner and that I would smoke a port butt.  At the store I selected a nice 8.6 lbs Boston Butt. 


    Once home, I rinsed it thoroughly, wrapped it in plastic and put it in the refrigerator overnight.  The next morning I once again rinsed the meat and blotted it dry with paper towels.  I trimmed the fat cap off and as much surface fat as possible (smoke can't penetrate fat). The rub went on next and another wrap of plastic and a rest in the refrigerator while I attended to the smoker. Just before putting the butt on the smoker, I touched up the rub so it looked dry.

    The Smoker:

    I use a Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault. I lit the propane burner and set the gas valve on high and lit it.  Once lit I used the bottle valve to regulate temp to 250 F.  Once the vault came up to temp, I let it stabilize for 20 minutes. I filled the water tray to within 1/4 inch of the top. I set the vents to the minimum openings.

    The Wood:

    I soaked a mixture of Hickory and Cherry wood, medium chunks and chips.  I have never used cherry wood before and thought it would be nice on pork. I soak my woods for an hour and use this water in the water pan.  I prepared enough to add more to the smoker should I desire.  If I don't, I simply let it dry out and use next time.

    The Smoke:

    I put the butt on the top rack with one temp probe 1 inch from the meat and the other in the center of the thickest part of the butt. I did not open the door for 2 hours and I did add more wood chunks and chips (I wanted a good smoke on it). That was the only time I added wood.  I thought I had apple juice to spray on the bark to keep moisture on the meat, but there was none. I did find a bottle of pineapple juice so I used it. That was a good choice.  Next time I;ll mix it with some Jamesons Irish Whiskey. 

    I hit the stall at about 8 hours and the temp did not budge for almost 2 hours.  With the long stall, my timetable got a bit out of whack.  Since I was not going for pulled pork, I took the meat off at 190 F, wrapped it in foil and 2 tea towels to rest for 45 minutes before breaking into it.

    The Results:

    I sliced the money muscle and it had a great bark on one side.  It melted in our mouths. I was able to process the rest of the butt into nice chunks and what some call tubes.  While it was not pulled tender, it was a nice and juicy, full of smoke flavor and the bark was delicious. Everyone had seconds and took home the leftovers. I was counting on leftovers for this week, but I only have 1 days worth of leftovers here.


    I did not do 2 Boston Butts.

    I did not take any pictures (next time).

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    Hey Mark, sounds like a great smoke!  Congrats!  When people are Oooohing and Awwwing and Mmmmmming between and during bites, you're the happiest person at the table.  Sounds like you made everyone's Father's Day just a bit more special.

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