Another GOSM question about temps

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Jul 15, 2006
I did some Beef ribs yesterday, and I found my self having trouble keeping the temps low, I have made a coffee can wood box, had some apple chips(can't find apple chuncks here) The temps would creep up to 245-250 on the lowest setting I only have 1 dampner on the top, I tried open and closed, I had the rack on the next to the top setting, any ideas? Thanks in advance for all the help
Did you use the water pan? When I seasoned my big block I did not use the water pan. On the lowest setting the temp would creep up to 240. When I did my first smoke, I added the water pan and was able to get the temp down to 170 on low.

Over the weekend I did a all nite smoke on a brisket. I started at 9:00 P.M. I was able to run the temp down again as low as 170. The next morning when the sun came up, and the air temp started to rise, I had to start turning the Lp down to maintain 220. By 1:30 P.M. with the Lp turned down as low as it goes, the smoker temp was 235-240. The outside air temp had risen to 96. The smoker being black, and the dog days of summer might make it impossible to stay at 220.

Hope this might help
Thanks for the reply, yes I did have the water pan in with cold water, or at least till it got hot. I'm in hot! El Paso Tx yesterday it was 100 so I juess I'll have to use the propane tank too. Maybe one of those temp regulators I sw in the forms some where would work. Thanks for the speedy reply.
I have the same issue with my GOSM smoker. I have the 20" wide version, and with a full pan of water and plaenty of meat, I can't get it below $250! This means that I can't do an over-night brisket because 18 - 24 hours at that high of a temperature is deadly!

I only have the top vent. Will a bottom vent help? I have actually used "opening the door" as a temperature control method, cracking it between 1/8" and 1".

Is there an easy to add regulator? I actually thought about ordering the burner from the smaller GOSM and seeing if that would help it burn cooler.

I love it otherwise! I've used it continuously all Summer and Fall....many great meals. But the high temp is bugging me.

Since I'm in south Texas, I'll be smokin' all yaer long, so I want to get this worked out!

Thanks! Joe...
I dont know if this will help or not, but if you light your GOSM on high, and watch the flame, and turn the knob SLOWLY toward the OFF position, you can get that sucker down pretty low. Dont get it too low or it will go out. If it does, keep trying. Also, if you have vents at the bottom of your GOSM, Close them fully. Hope this helps.
I've tried that over and over, but it still goes off. If you've done it, then I'll try again.

I called the manufacturer and they had no idea why I'd want it so low! Definitely yankees!

If anybody else has other suggestions, I'm open!

GOSM was sold to a Canadian company (CFM) which also has the Vermont Casting product line. The GOSM is now marketed under the Vermont name. I know that there have been cases where the entire regulator assembly for the GOSM has been replaced by the company. Apparently this is a known "flaw". I've been luck with my GOSM because I can easily maintain temps at below 225, in fact I have to watch that the temp doesn't fall too low. Try giving the company a call, you never know ....

CFM Corporation
Customer Care Centre
410 Admiral Blvd
Mississuaga, ON
L5T 2N6

Toll Free: 1.800.668.5323
Locally: 905.670.7777
Fax: 1.877.565.2929
Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)
I have the same problem as you with the temp rising up to 250 with the water pan in place, gas setting on low and vent wide open. I am thinking about cutting a 2 inch hole in the top of the smoker, placing a threaded flange over it and bolting it down and screwing in a 2 inch pipe so the smoker can vent. I am going to make a dampler for it somehow as well as have a screw on cap. What do you guys think about this.

I also have had problems keeping the temperature down with my stainless steel wide body GOSM when the outside temperature approaches 100 degrees F. I now try and avoid the hottest months as BBQing seems to like it cooler outside. The advice given is correct. Open the vents, keep the water tray full. When the temperature spikes, dump the water pan and re-fill it with water from the hose. This will definitely drop the temperature immediately for an hour or so as the water heats up. Another effect is that when it only takes a small flame to hold temperature, the wood box does not get as much heat and so smoke production drops.

Good luck,
Aubrey Page
OTBS #007
I have the same problem of not being able to keep my temp at 225. I have a smoke hollow smoker with one vent and it is on the back side at the top. Went to the hardwood store bought a 2 inch pipe, 2 inch pipe flange that will bolt to the top of the smoker, and mounted it after painting last night. I am in the process of smoking a whole pork loin cut into two pieces and once everything stabilizes I can open the vent on the back and without the cap on the pipe, my temperatures are staying around 225. Looks nice with the black iron flange and pipe with stainless bolts. Looks promising but there seems to be several variables.

I know ive posted this comment before, but I dont think anyone has tryed it. It really does work! Light your gas GOSM as you usually would. Now push the knob IN and SLOWLEY turn the knob toward the OFF position. Stop when the desired flame is reached. If you need to, look through the bottom vent, watch the flame, and turn the knob toward the OFF positon some more. Also, when you open the valve on the gas bottle, turn the knob slowley! The rush of gas can make a regulator malfunciton. I can get any size flame I want by doing this. It works on every gas unit ive ever had. From gas grills to smokers. If it dosent work, then I dont know what to tell you. Maybe your regulator is bad. There cheap. As far as low smoke production goes, I found out a long time ago by reading a post that I think Tusla Jeff wrote, about cutting about 3 inches off the top of a coffee can, and using that in place of the smoke box that came with the GOSM. The coffee can is thinner, and will heat up faster than the cast iron box that came with the unit. I have since became used to the cast iron box, and have no problems now. Also, check the thermometer that is on the smoker. When I bought mine it was 60 degrees cold!!
PS: Dave Brown Huh?
I like that name.
Same as mine! :)
Sorry to interject, as I'm a newbie. But is there some sort of reference were I can understand the ancroynmes you guys are using? I have no idea what a GOSM is.
Again, I'm GREEEEEN. Any help would be appreciated! - Josh
Hey josh---just hover the pointer (cursor) over the acronyms that appear bold and it will appear what it stands for.

GOSM= Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain smoker

There are some that haven't made the acronym list on the forum, but just ask and someone will fill you in. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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