An old friend returns. Weber Kettle 22"

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by bdskelly, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Ive been cooking outdoors all of my life and I still learn a thing or two every weekend  

    When I'm not cooking I'm typically on this site seeing what you folks are doing. And admittedly... stealing a recipe or two... [​IMG]

    A number of weeks ago some feller was smoking a butt on his Weber Kettle. It looked great...

    Watching that thread it took me back some forty years when I'd stand outside holding the platter or even umbrella while my father made magic over a bright red Weber Kettle. His classic dish was a bone in, skin on chicken breast, marinated in pineapple and teriyaki slow roasted over the Kingsfords and garnished with a grilled pineapple ring.  Simplistic perfection that I can still taste and smell some 45 years later. 

    And while I've come clean about recipe thievery I'd also like to admit that Ive never owned a charcoal anything! But as I dug further into this marvelous site I found that many still consider the kettle the best of the best out there.  Clearly a timeless classic. 

    So dad, when you were still around I remembered you always thumb your nose about me grilling with those "gassers". And I'm sorry it took me 45 years to "straighten up and fly right". And I tried real hard but couldn't find a red one...

    But don't the green look pretty?  


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  3. bdskelly

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    Thanks for the tip FWI.  The smokenator looks like a great accessory.  Did you make that yourself or can a guy buy one somewhere?  
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    I made it, doing it that way gives me plenty of air to the back of the charcoal basket w/ out having to stir the coals like you do with the smokenator...and i can put a small pan of water above the coals if i want a water smoker. 

    Here is a link for a smokenator that's designed specifically for Webers.       I just wanted to try something different w/ my home made contraption that ended up working really well. Now i can slow cook on the cool side and slide the food over the coals if i want some sear.  
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    I looked at those on AMZ   Your design looks much better built. [​IMG]

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