AMNS in MES 40" burning out....HELP

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  1. Anyone have any good ideas as too how to keep my AMNS from burning out in my MES 40? I get the pellets going real good and then after placing it on the bottom near the heating element, it will burn out after 10-15 minutes. Now, sometimes it work like a champ and will go for 12 hours......other times it will burn out after just a few minutes. I know it seems like it's suffocating, but at other times/days/ it works great.

    I have moved the chip tray out a bit and messed with the chip unloader, too. I think it may have to do with the direction and severity of the wind.....just looking for ideas. When it works, it's the best.....

    I have the top vent open completely as well.



    (I smoked some goose jerky this weekend and it was great! Pork butt tomorrow!)
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    I don't own a MES but lots of members do,

    I'm sure they will be along with a solution soon.

    I do own an AMZNS  and it needs good air flow to burn properly.
  3. I believe you are going to have to remove the loader as the pellets need air. The Mes is sealed up and insulated pretty tight. Try removing or at least pulling it out half way the next time you are using the amzn smoker.

  4. Chip loader out about 3 inches...chip pan pulled out about 1.5 inches and top exhaust all the way open...this has worked for me every time.[​IMG]
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    If it's going out that quick, you need to allow that little flame to burn longer on the pellets, before you put it in your MES.

    My guess, is that you think it's going good, and throw it in your MES. It's very important to get a good bed of coals under

    If it's windy out, place it inside your MES, but don't latch the door tight.

    Another thing.....

    When it's windy out, the the wind can blow don the exhaust and backdraft thru the MES.

    If you install a short chimney, it will help with the draft.

    What temp are you smoking at?


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