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AMNS cold smoking observation


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guys, how does the AMNS work with other wood chips/duust other than the amazn dust?


Chips - No

Sawdust - Yes

Some guys use their own sawdust, because they have access to good, clean sawdust.  The last thing you want to do is use sawdust that you don't know what's in it.

I grind & mix everything myself, and know where all my materials come from.

If you buy a 5# Package of sawdust, the cost to smoke is $.14/hr to $.27/hr, depending on if you light one or both sides.



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guys, how does the AMNS work with other wood chips/duust other than the amazn dust?


I worked in a Cabinet shop for 9 years, and then had my own cabinet shop for 10 years.

I wasn't smoking meat at that time, but the best sawdust for the AMNS that I produced would have been from the Radial saw & the Table saw.

I was just a one man shop, so I could have cleaned out my saws before & after to get good dust, without any crap in it (I didn't use particle board or MDF), and all the same species.

I didn't use much Hickory & no Apple, but I used a lot of Oak, Cherry, and Maple. I didn't use any of the other 10 or 15 types & species Todd offers.

As for the other shop I worked in, like most larger (4 man or more) shops, their machines are all tied into a central dust collection system. That means all of their dust will come from all of the saws, and all of the shapers & planers, and jointers, and molders, and all of the sanders. This stuff will be mixed with good hard woods, soft woods, particle board, MDF, floor sweepings from the sweep outlets, and all kinds of other unwanted crap. In order for a cabinet shop to save you some sawdust, they would have to shut down the collection to that piece of equipment, and clean up real good on, in, and around it. Then after they have the amount of each species you asked for, they can gather it up by hand, bag it & set it aside for you. Then they can open the gate to their collection system & get back to normal operations. They would have to do this with each species that you asked for.

If you have a good friend that will do that for you, you're in business.



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Thanks so much for sharing your experience with this!  I still need to get mine and will be using it in my grill, so I really appreciate all your good tips and info.  I always look forward to your posts, you're a real treasure here.

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