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May 11, 2013
So I just did my first smoke of the new year in my new Smoke Hollow 44" smoker and it went great. So my question is I'd like to do some cold smoking and wanted to know if anyone who has this smoker knows which was better AMNPS or AMNTS? any info will help thanks.
You can cold smoke with either one - I use an AMNPS but if you have a gas smoker I would go with the AMNTS so you can use it during hot smokes too 
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I use an AMNPS with my CharBroil gas grill.

I have only had a few minor problems with the AMNPS in terms of keeping it lit.

As I mentioned in the other thread about a clone version, I think that's about making the pellets super-dry in an oven if you want to, and providing good airflow.

After I had the AMNPS for about 5-6 smoke sessions, and learned how it handled the airflow and temps in my grill, it worked fine.

I usually remove one of the three burners (from one end) and one grill grate from my CharBroil Commercial series.

Light the other two burners and get up to temp,

Then turn one off, and leave the far right (or left) burner on low.

That keeps the temp in the grill around 180 if the ambient temp is around 40-60 degrees.

I then light off the AMNPS according to Todd's directions, and put it in the bottom of the grill where I removed the burner.

Put the meat on the grill grate left in, and slide it back over top of the AMNPS.

Walk away.

Look out the window now and again and make sure I still see TBS coming out.

In 4-5 hours, go out and reload the AMNPS if desired.

Here it is after about a 5 hour run on a 6lb Boston is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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