Alternate thermometer

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Jan 30, 2017
Staten Island
Any suggestions on an alternate thermometer other than the stock thermometer that comes with the master built pro smoker? I've seen a lot of reviews that say the stock thermometer is not accurate.
Any good digital multi probe therm will work.

I use the iGrill 2 four probe. I have also used the maverick 732. Some are now using the Thermoworks Smoke.

The advantage to using these is you can test the probes for accuracy and you can monitor your food and pit temps.
Ok thx. So any food probe thermometer will work as a pit thermometer also?
Yes and no. There are some that wont work for measuring pit temps due to the higher temps. All of the above mentioned therms come with an ambient probe (pit) and a food probe.
I use a cheap Polder probe in my MES 40 works way better then the MES gauge 

My MES gage sucks!  It is not even consistent in its error.  I ordered a TW Smoke a few days ago, and am waiting patiently '-)
My to me from me  
  Christmas gift was a Thermo Works Smoke and I love it.

My to me from me  
  Christmas gift was a Thermo Works Smoke and I love it.

I purchased a TW Smoke as well right before Thanksgiving.  I have purchased three Mavericks over the years, and all of them eventually go south.  I consider Mavericks a tool of the devil along with Brinkman smokers.  The Smoke defines "user-friendly".  There probably is a better remote thermometer out there somewhere, but for the money, the Smoke is hard to beat.  
I use the Maverick 732 and it works well for me. Checking in boiling water, along with my mounted gauges and thermowand, everything stays right on. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.