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Discussion in 'Beef' started by mballi3011, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. mballi3011

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    I see that I picked another good weekend for an all nighter. I have been craving brisket and I guess so was everyone. So mine starts out normaly with the rub (gotten from an exchange with Beer-B-Q) Next came the smoke into the vault 24" at about 1:30 am saturday night. Then with alot and long talks (in chat) to Bob, Joel and Pete which were all doing briskets. So we're in the smoker at about 230-240 for the first leg. Oh yea this is some of the stuffing in the boxes to Iraq. The other one is already full and we had 2 more with cookies. I was surpised when I when to the post office that it was the same price as domestic mail as to Iraq. So that will make it easy for him to receive more boxes.

    Rubbed up (a nice 12 lber) and ready for the rest of the day in the refrig.

    After a bunch of hours time for a spirtz and some more Qview for ya'll

    The foiling and then back in.

    After and hour and some in the cooler and the point cut off it's time to slice with the family for sunday dinner. We had our newest grand daughter #10 up for the weekend from Vero Beach another reason for the brisket the family really eats

    A close up for the smoke ring, the flash took most of it but it's still there.

    Now Joels was the first to finish and he did some burnt ends and they were out of this world. So bob might have been planning on doing them but now everyone was doing them specially after he posted them. OMG they looked good. I have never done them so here we go, with alittle BBQ sauce this one form an exchange with the DUDE.

    Back into the smoker and then out a couple of hours later. Then it came to me....... I said self you will be doing more of these ends for sure. These things were little bites of heaven they just melted in your mouth and with such great flavor from the smoke and alittle flavor from the sauce then you caught alittle heat in the back. They are soooo good. Next time I gonna start with theses and then eat dinner.

    Oh yea the rest of the meal had some real mash potatoes, some steamed carrots, and then some garbage beans, follow with some mexican corn bread. Sorry no Qview but the hungery family starts eating as the food hits the table. Dessert... NO Their wasn't a hungery belly in the house. They were all over the cough with football. Yes we liked the turn out too..
    So thanks for looking and yes I do wish you were here. I did my best to bring you here.
  2. tlzimmerman

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    Looks awesome.

    Ok so noob question, burnt ends is the ends of the brisket cut off and sauced and put back in the smoker? I never knew you sauced them before you put them back in, or is that just your special way of doing things? They look awesome.
  3. triplebq

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    Great Job ! Looks good . Burnt ends ( mine ) are from the point ) .. see my pictures they ate them before I could sauce them !
  4. fire it up

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    Looks awesome and I am so glad that people are trying out burnt ends for the first time, out of all the things to smoke burnt ends are my favorite treat!
    I've really got to get a brisket smoked, all of you guys are turning out such great Q that I'm itching to smoke a brisket now [​IMG]

    Burnt ends can be done a few different ways, my personal favorite is I smoke the entire brisket then remove the point when it's done, cube the point and add more rub then back into the smoker for an hour then sauce and back into the smoker for 2 more hours.
  5. mballi3011

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    First thanks for the kind words.
    Yes the burnt ends are from the point section. I didn't know to re-rub them but I did know to sauce them and then back into the smoker for a couple of hours.
  6. chisoxjim

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    nice lookin brisket there. [​IMG]
  7. pit 4 brains

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    Great lookin stuff there Mark.
    Have you split the brisket before and cooked the point and the flat together? This way you can cook the flat to perfection and already have the point seperated to continue, cut up or whatever.. It makes for a nice presentation when you have a consistant piece of meat sliced w/out running into all that fat in the point section.
  8. brohnson

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    Great work, yummy! :)
  9. desertlites

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    Very nice looking Brisket you turned out there Mark.Ya gotta love them Burnt Ends HUH?Sounds like the family had a wonderful meal & not sure about you But I getting to old for those all niters.
  10. rickw

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    Real nice brisket. I really do need to try the burnt ends.

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