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Almost total brisket disaster


Joined Oct 6, 2012
So I sous vided a brisket. It was cut in half, across the width. I cooked at 57C for 40 hours. AFAIK this is well inside the longest recommended time limit.

It was a horrid dry mush. You could poke al your fingers clean through it. I have never had such a sous vide failure.

WTH happened? Recipes call for a lot more hours than this. But this, as I say, was mush. I have cooked literally hundreds of meat sous vides of types and times (from 2 hour T-Bones to 72 hour beef ribs) and I am baffled.

In the end, being tight and a never give up kind of fool, I mixed it with its juices, along with the reduced juices from a Red Kidney Bean cook, really , REALLY blended. It is actually quite nice to eat and tastes of the beef and the spices I used. The graininess has been blended out of it and it's nice an creamy. It's sort of like, as my wife rather amusingly and perceptively described it, a sort of thin beef pate.:emoji_sunglasses: Whatever, it will be used as a soup or sauce...Perhaps on Red Kidney Beans?:emoji_laughing:

Any advice appreciated.



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I have found that shorter cook times and higher temps work better for cuts like brisket. 10-12 hours @ 180°f is what I do.


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Thanks for the reply. Ok. Yeah. Interesting. I have just started experimenting with just that! Just not enough to start getting reliable results.

Wow! 180F. What result does that give. Trad pulled meat? I was creeping up in temperature and down in time. I was still at about 62c max.

I am really after a different texture from the trad stuff, being lower and more like a steak. But yeah I am willing to try hoter cooks if there is a result.

And hey! If we want sous vide do give us a different experience, highly controlled, then we should not just stick with a _new_ old result!

I just don't get why times and temps that have worked before have failed.

I did freeze the brisket and thaw in the bath rather than in the 2C fridge :(. It may well serve me right



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Temp ---I use 131/132° for most Beef, but Brisket may be better up around 160°.
Time was fine---I use 30 to 48 hours for cuts that tend to be tough, like Brisket, Eye Round, and Chuck Roast.

So if I was going to make a change, it would be the Temp.



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The only time I tried brisket in my sousvide it was very very dried out. Not sure why. Might have just be a really bad piece of meat. I tend to do briskets, pork butts/pork ribs on my smoker only. Then do hybrid smoke/sous vide on prime rib/eye rounds. And sous vide with reverse sear on steaks.

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