Alaskan smelt

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Aug 29, 2010
Myrtle Point, OR
Up here they are called Hooligan or Candlefish.  Similar to the ones you get in the lower 48 but with a higher oil content.

My smoking recipe is very difficult.  Extremely difficult.  So pay close attention.

6 cups water

2 cups Yoshida's Original Sauce

That is it.

Pretty hard isn't it? 

Give the hooligan a 24 hour brine, then place on racks to air dry in a cool place for an hour or two to let the pellicle form.


Made these up at the same time I did some salmon.  After the air dry phase they go into the smoker on the following schedule:

120 for 2-4 hours

140 for 2-4 hours

170 for 2 hours.


After a good smoke they will be nice and tasty.  My kids pick them apart, but I eat the little buggers bones, fins, and all.

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