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Ahoy Mateys from Temescal Valley

Discussion in 'So Cal Smokers' started by cpanderson, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. cpanderson

    cpanderson Fire Starter

    I thought I would drop a line in the the So Cal forum and say hello. I'm happy to be among fellow meat enthusiasts! I've recently begun dabbling in the wizardry of smoking, and am doing research to gain confidence in starting to make cured meats/salumi. Any recommendations on where to procure quality meats would be invaluable, because as of now I get most of my meat from stater bros or costco... but there has to be some hidden gems out there in Chino or Mo Val or surrounding areas, where they still raise livestock. Anyways, just wanted to drop a line and say hello to my neighbors and brothers in smoke. Happy daylight savings day!
  2. Welcome. From Oceanside originally now living in Murrieta...
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  3. cpanderson

    cpanderson Fire Starter

    You must feel my pain then when I say "Beware of the Poppy Peepers"! It is getting damn near dangerous on the 15 freeway with the blooms going on near Lake Elsinore... idiots parking on the side of the freeway to get out of their car to take pictures... I love the bloom, but hate the hordes that it brings!
  4. Gotta do it for the Gram...Ya it is getting ridiculous. Surprised there aren't more people getting hurt.
  5. gary s

    gary s SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster OTBS Member

    A Big Ole Welcome from East Texas

  6. kruizer

    kruizer Smoking Fanatic

    Welcome to SMF from Minnesota.
  7. Welcome
    Like the bloom, but the influx....even in central Cal
  8. Living in Temecula, CA here. What's up!!
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  9. Well the sun finally. Had a lot of the wet stuff this year..Glad but also wondering how I am going to till my little ground...weeds are up past my knees...course, it could be worse...
  10. cpanderson

    cpanderson Fire Starter

    They estimated that 50,000 people went to Lake Elsinore to visit Walker Canyon poppies... The whole town's population is 66,000... it was crazy!
  11. Yup I believe it. Took me an hour to get from Temescal Canyon exit to Nichols Rd exit just now
    Yup I believe it. Took me an hour to get from Temescal Canyon exit to Nichols Rd exit just now
  12. Alan562

    Alan562 Newbie

    Sup from Cerritos! I’m smoking like a train but wanted to dabble in curing a turkey.