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After my Kamado Joe arrived damaged twice....


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I bought a Weber Smokey Mountain 18. I can't say I'm not excited, but I'm a bit underwhelmed with the Kamado stuff after my brief experience with it. Ordered a Kamado Joe and it arrived in several shattered pieces. Got a replacement sent to me and it was no different. Canceled it all and just went with the WSM. Half the price, but I'm sure it will work as well as my Weber Kettle.

I've owned offsets and realized that I just don't smoke enough meat at one time to justify the big smokers. I wanted the Kamado to work out because I was excited that they are more energy efficient, but I also read that the WSM will impart a more smokey flavor to the meat.

What do you guys think? Should I have just kept trying until I got a good Kamado, or was I smart to go the WSM route?


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Minion method in a WSM is very fuel efficient. Add in a fan+digital controller and it's set and forget.

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I’d take the WSM every day over the KJ.

The WSM is a workhorse and the fuel consumption is very good. I think you’ll love it.



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It's hard to beat a WSM set up and with all the add ons & extras available by Weber and many other aftermarket companies you can take the WSM just as far as your wallet will allow. I'm liking mine the more that I use it. My next purchase for my WSM will be the Santa Fe set up. Lot's of economical options for a proven cooker.


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I've had my kamado joe for four years now and absolutely love it. I understand they are experiencing some issues with deliveries and timeliness on warranty claims lately but its a solid kamado. Hope they get their act together because my experience has been top notch so far, aside from delays in shipping warranty parts recently.


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I’m a big fan of a WSM. I’ve added a party q to mine and it’s set and forget with that thing


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I have a 22in WSM and a Kamado Joe Classic I which is 18in.

When it comes to ceramics, they trap heat a lot better than do the metal cookers. This can be a consideration in cooler climates.

Both the WSM and th KJ are versatile.

Pros for the KJ and Ceramics, you can grill, smoke, sear and they will reach incredible temperatures if you like to sear steaks at high temps. 800°F is not a problem for a KJ if you want to run it that high. 1,000°F -1100°F can be hit if you really want to go Pittsburgh black on your steaks.
So searing is no problem.

Grilling on the KJ, again, no problem.

Baking still no problem.

Kamados also hold temp very well and for long periods.

As mentioned before, Kamados don't lose a lot of heat due to the ceramic construction and the very tight seal between the lid and the bowl.

Kamado cons are the price and the weight. Kamados also tend to burn "dirtier" than WSMs, though neither burns as clean as a well managed stick burner or good pellet grill. This may be a consideration if you're using a Kamado to do low and slow smoking and you prefer a lighter smoke flavor. Kamado's tend to give a heavier smoke flavor because they don't burn as cleanly as stick burners and pellet grills.

Pros for the WSM are the price, and the available accessories. There are plenty. Temperature control units are in abundance for it depending upon what you're looking for.

The capacity of the 22in version is significant. The 18 as well. There is a cottage industry when it comes to modifications for them and they are inexpensive to modify if desired. They come with two grates, but it's not uncommon to come across modifications to 3 grates. Water pan modifications, and deletes, vent modifications, and the list goes on.

You can grill on it if you set it up to grill. Can sear too. But at not nearly as hot of temperatures as you can with a ceramic.

As mentioned before, if you are in cold weather, the metal construction of a WSM will lose heat and a blanket may be useful depending upon how cold of weather you'll be using it in.

There are a few tips and tricks to make a WSM burn as cleanly as you want it to, almost as clean as a well run stick burner for smoking.
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