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About to smoke my 1st chucky...


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Rubbed it down with SPOG, overnight uncovered in the fridge, allowing to warm up a bit and will follow civilsmoker's advice (275 till the IT is 155ish, wrap it tight with double layer of foil then put back on at 295 till IT is 190 – 195 for slicing and 205 for pulling. 3-4 hours total +\- for a 1.5 inch chuck).

This will by my 4th smoke in the MB Thermotemp (3 have been successful...we're not gonna talk about that HUGE spatchcock chicken as my 1st smoke).

We'll see...will be my 1st time even TASTING smoked beef other than sausages.

As you were... :)


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Life will NOT be the same after. Never heard of it or had any until reading about it here. We use smoked chuckies for tacos here. Good luck!


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Nice, I bet you will enjoy it. I did my first chucky a couple of months ago and glad I finally tried it.


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Got it done...turned out pretty darned good (I even managed to get a good smoke ring...pic of that tomorrow when I cut some for a sammie)...

Going forward, I think I'll skip the "O" in SPOG...onion and the garlic together was a bit much IMO...perhaps 2 parts salt, 2 parts pepper, and 1 part garlic...I don't know...maybe. I love garlic, but with the depth of flavor on "this" chuck roast, I think it needs a lighter hand, so to speak.

I also learned something about my new smoker...1)chunks in a foil pack didn't flame up like they do when simply placed into the pan that came with the unit, 2)one chunk about the size of a deck of cards at a time was sufficient in the foil pack (I think, anyway), 3)when the water pan went dry, the temp spiked...when I refilled it with hot water and it stabilized, no more big spikes.

So far, I'm happy with the smoker...at least I can actually control the temps MUCH better than I could with charcoal.

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Looks great! Unless I get a really thick Chuck Roast, 4"+, I smoke to Pull the meat as the Vertical Grain makes for difficult slices that are not real pretty. Slicing while cold holds together better. Enjoy...JJ

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