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Aug 27, 2023
Last week ends short beef ribs on the Oklahoma Joe's Long horn.
Scored these Australian Wagyu MB 8-9.
First time I cook such quality ribs and the fat content was so high they felt like melting butter in my hand while I was cleaning up a bit of fat on the top and added the rub...
Trimmed fat from 2 of the 3 ribs and third kne smoked as is and honestly saw no difference as all the fat rendered well.

Plan was to do 4 hours at 275 then start spritzing and wrapping when they get good bark and feel good and get to around 190 then wrapp and heat till around 195-200 and rest

I couldn't get the longhorn up to 275 so cooked mostly at 250
Took 6 hours to reach 180ish and bark was looking good as well as them feeling soft to probe so I wrapped. Then it took around 3 hours to reach 190 as my max temp was 250-260 ( working on few mods to solve this issue) so looking at the extended time of the cook I decided to remove and rest in oven at 150 for about 4-5 hours.

They came out perfect back was good smoke ring was great tender and juicy as I've never seen. They were so fatty that I had a crazy amount of liquid fat in smokers bottom.
As for rub I only used salt and pepper as I wanted to taste the meat itself abd it didn't disappoint at all. I under salted and peppered a bit but it was ok .
They retracted much more than ribs I've done before not sure if its because of the slow cook or of the higher fat content.
I have been unable for find "beef" ribs in the markets.
All they have are "fat" ribs. Just terrible.
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