About me and my first question: advice on choosing a propane burner for my file cabinet smoker

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Original poster
Mar 2, 2017
Hey, guys. I've been grilling for about 7 years now, smoking on a green egg for about 3, and all sorts of cooking stuff on the side. I'm 28, an attorney, and getting married in less than a year. Decided I wanted to start a project, so I built a file cabinet smoker...

I wanted to do it with an electric heating element. I found this to be a waste of time because the element, although it said it could heat up to 450 degrees, barely touched that level... So, that being said, I'm moving on the bigger and HOTTER things.

This is where you all come in...

First, let's see what we are working with. Here  is my smoker that I build. It's about 5 ft tall, 15 inches wide, and about 30 inches long. The burner goes in at the bottom and the second drawer up from the bottom is the first cooking spot (the first drawer is where the wood and water pan will go). I'm looking to be able to get the second drawer to 350 degrees (maybe hotter) to do faster foods with a little smoke. The third drawer from the bottom, I would like to be able to get to 250-275 degrees to do all larger meats. Fourth (and top) drawer, I don't care as much about - this would be used for any kind of cold smoking or beef jerky type cooks.

Okay, so that all being said, I've looked at a ton of burners and found two that I like a lot - but I'm not sure how well they will work in the space I have (i.e. if it will heat my cabinet to the temperatures I'm looking for).

Here is the first burner  - it's a dual burner with 15,000 BTUs per burner. I really like this one because you can control the heat of each burner. Size is an issue because I will need to cut some of the metal off, potentially, to make it fit. However, my question is, do you all think this burner will provide enough heat to cook at the temperatures im looking for?

Here is the second burner. I love that it's cast iron and it's made for Lynx grills - which are great grills. My issue with it is that I have NO information on it. I have emailed the company to get the BTUs but waiting on a reply. Does anyone have exp with this burner? Because it's Lynx and built for a grill - I'm inclined to believe that it gets pretty dang hot... I found a the 16 inch version in a grill and it has about 25,000 BTUs - so I estimate the 20 inch will have about 30,000? However, my other issue with it is 1. what propane hose goes into the burner (it looks unique to me) and 2. I would have to buy an adaptor to regulate the heat, most likely.

That's pretty much my conundrum... This is my first grill build and this is the last part! I just want to be done and start cooking!

Thanks, everyone!

TD:DR - I'm building a custom smoker and need help picking the right propane burner to get the temps I want.

PS: I'm strongly leaning towards #2 - can anyone confirm this will be a good heat source to get the temps I want?
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