A tale of two dogs

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Now just so there's no surprise, this has absolutly nothing to do with smoked meat.  LOL  Its all about my dogs.  Black labs, sisters from the same litter but different as night and day.  Linda's dog Addy is a thorobred, my Roxy is a clydesdale war horse.  Addy can litterly run faster sidewase than Roxy can full steam ahead.  So today the three of us were out on the deck.  Not too bad temp wise-- only about 5 below. Not being completely stupid, I had a high test coffee in my hands (lots of rum).  All of a sudden a cougar walks into the back yard  Go figure  So Addy is out of the gate like a greyhound.  Circles the cougar about 4 times at a 100 miles per hour,  Cougar stands there with a wtf look on its face.  Addy then goes nose to nose,tail wagging, hello.  Cougar just looks at her.  My girl Roxy gets up.  Heads straight at the cougar,  Jaws about 2 inches off the ground, every hair on her back standing up, and letting a growl out that would do justice to the hounds of the basckervills (I know--spelled that wrong) Cougar suddenly understood--ok different dog here, time to leave.  The cat took off so fast that my "war horse" dog was left standing there looking at an empty spot.  LOL Sorry  Just had to share  I'm still laughing

yeah you just never have a camera when you need one  Also didn't have my gun.  By Alberta law I'm allowed to shoot any preditor on my property.  And I really want a cougar skin rug for in front of the fire place.  

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