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A tale of three temps


Joined Jul 5, 2020
So, in case others do not know. I am new to smoking. Neighbor sold me his older MES portable electric when he scaled up. So far it's a nice diversion from grilling. Immediately upon use, and also based on his input, I learned how difficult it was to regulate heat on the analog electric smoker. So, I bought an electric controller that the smoker plugs into. I found immediately, much better control and a far better experience. I had also bought a wireless temperature meter (through app) that came with 6 probes. Thought was that I could at least see the temp of the meat as well as the temp of the smoker. When I installed the controller, I made a mistake. I installed the probe right above the element. As such I saw up to a 50 deg difference between the element location and the top rack. For future smoking, I will install the controller probe in between the top and bottom racks. Actually, being anal about such things, I am thinking of creating mounting locations at three locations; bottom rack, middle and top rack.

That being said, after the smoking done on Saturday, it occurred to me that I never looked at the temps between the controller and the thermometer. Were they in sync? No idea. So, yesterday I did a water bath test with the controller, wireless thermometer and stick thermometer. See pic.

Controller temp: 57.7
Wireless temp: 55
Stick Temp: 57.0

I am going to run this test again later today with hot water (near boiling) and see how they are on the upper range.


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i would also do the boiling water test on all three, figure out your boiling temp by your
elevation . then you will know which one is correct.


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Welcome to the smoking addiction!

You should also do an ice water test too. When you test, don't let the thermometer physically touch the sides of the glass or pan (or whatever you're using to hold the water). You don't want anything altering the temp that the probe is reading.

I don't know much about electric smokers, but I have temp differences too between racks in mine.


Joined Jul 5, 2020
I don't know much about electric smokers, but I have temp differences too between racks in mine.
that is exactly why I am thinking of creating three mounting locations for the probe. I know its not really needed, but that's who I am


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looks like you are on to something. good luck and welcome

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