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A Ribeye fit for a Bear (or a Steve)


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Thanks buddy I appreciate it.
good lookin' steak!

They are really unnecessary but I'm a show off. Thank you.
Good looking steak....Excellent grill marks!

 Hey dalton I'm with you. I usually dip the steaks in a olive oil/butter mixtue right before I put them on the grill. I also make a garlic butter to brush on each side while cooking and then a little after they rest. The dip in oil puts a good crust on them. I know all about Tradicianol, I've had many a shot of that one. After tasting 100% Blue Agave Tequila it is impossible to drink mixto in anything but a margarita. The Crown thing I can taste the difference for sure. Thanks for the reply man.

hey stevo...   great looking steak.  here is a little tip that I have always done on a great steak to give it a little extra,   spread a little melted butter mixed with good quality soy sauce on before you sprinkle the spices on it.  helps the spices infuse into the meat and adds a great "bark" on top.  just food for thought. 

on the alchohol issue...   here is my 2 cents...  if you want to try a tequila that will suprise you,   try jose quevro "traditional".  100% agave tequilla and its a resaprado.  its well priced and will suprise you.  on the whisky issue here is something to try...   take a shot of crown and a shot of seagrams 7 both on ice and try and tell the difference.  a freind of mine claimed they were made in the same factory with different lables.  personally I think he is full of sh!t but had a really hard time telling the difference.  seagrams is 1/2 the price!!  now for a good scotch try Glenfarclas  my buddy and I get each other a bottle every year for christmas, and we enjoy drinking each bottle together. 

I appreciate many pleasures!, great smoked meat, a good drink, good steak, Beautiful sunset...   all the greats!!


Mark as usual, you sir, are correct!


Nice steak there Steve. I think that I ate that one myself the other night. You just can't hunk a big hunk of red meat.

My cousin worked on Senior's pit crew and for RCR for many years. There is a picture of me somewhere at 3 years old sittin on Dale's lap in the old blue and yellow Wrangler number 3.
What could be better, a great lookin' steak (done to perfection) a loaded spud, a frosty brew an in NASCAR country to boot. Now that will bring a tear to your eye

 Geez 700, that BGE doesn't mess around.
We love ribeyes here. BGE at 700 for a few minutes.

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That's a great looking steak, just the way I like them, knock off the horns and warm it up a bit. A great looking steak don't need much attention.

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